Weighted Blankets for Kids: Benefits, Risks and More

Weighted Blankets for Kids: Benefits, Risks and More

What are weighted blankets, and who are they for?

Weighted blankets for kids with autism, anxiety, ADHD, and sleeping disorders.

The weighted blanket for children could be perfect for children who have difficulty falling asleep or have short nights due to anxiety disorders, stress, fear, hyperactivity, fatigue, or handicap. In these cases, it has a therapeutic dimension and must be recommended by a doctor.

However, it can also be used by children without a particular disorder. You could simply want to improve the quality of their sleep. I have five kids, so I know that they work!

Kids weighted blanket to improve sleep.

The principle is to distribute the weight of this filling evenly over the extent of the blanket. This weight exerts a comfortable and comforting pressure which stimulates relaxation and promotes sleep.

Also called a sensory blanket, it provides comfort and reassurance to fight against sleep disorders and help children sleep better. Poor quality of sleep hinders a child’s development. Also, you as a parent will suffer due to lack of sleep, especially if you have as many children as I do.

At what age can a child use a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is not recommended for children under three years old. Before considering purchasing a weighted blanket for babies, you should talk to your doctor and determine whether or not your child really needs one. It is also not recommended for children with asthma or people with circulation problems.

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How to choose a weighted blanket for children?

There are specific criteria that allow you to choose tailor-made-like blankets that will be best suitable to your child’s needs. It will be a long shopping day if you have several children as I do but well worth it. Once I figured out the formula, they sleep better, feel better, breathe better, and are generally more lively.

To ensure you buy the sensory blanket that will give your children the most benefits, follow the simple steps provided below.

How heavy should it be for a child?

The decisive criterion in purchasing a weighted blanket for children – the weight chosen determines the ergonomics and the comfort of use. This is because the weight of the blanket should represent 10% of the child’s body weight.

That said, for children under 60 lbs, opt for a blanket between 4 and 6 lbs. For children under 88 lbs, we choose a blanket between 6 to 7.5 lbs. Between two blanket weights, you should choose the lighter one if you want to be on the safe side. Be sure to see the reference weights already marked on the covers. You don’t want blankets too heavy for your little ones, nor blankets too light for your grown children. Within the range, it is the children’s preference whether they want a heavier blanket or a lighter one. With my children, the girls tend to like the heavier blankets, and the boys like the slightly lighter ones.

The dimensions

Since the effectiveness of a weighted blanket is distributed over its weight, its dimensions are also critical. Indeed, if the blanket is too large, it may protrude over the edges of the bed and, in this case, may weigh even more heavily. Hence why it is better to opt for a blanket with a size slightly smaller than that of the bed. It is easier to refer to the standard dimensions to ensure that you have found the ideal blanket.

The Structure

The structure of a weighted blanket is different than that of a regular blanket. This is because all the weight must be distributed evenly across the blanket. Because every part of it weighs the same, it provides perfect comfort to your child. If, for example, the edges of the blanket are lighter than the center, a child might fold it in half during sleep with their feet or hands, and that would not be beneficial. So, choose a high-quality weighted blanket for children that distribute all the weight evenly.

How hot does it get?

The weighted blanket for children must be made from hypoallergenic material. Because children are in most cases more sensitive than adults, allergens should be particularly avoided. Choose a natural cotton fabric that, besides being hypoallergenic, offers more outstanding breathability. It does not retain sweat and stays cool all night long. Polyester fiber is also a good choice of fabric. On the other hand, avoid synthetic materials which are irritating and uncomfortable.


For durability, choose a weighted blanket for children with ballast in glass beads or microbeads. It’s more environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Some blankets weighted with plastic on the market are not recommended for children because the plastic could create a toxic shock.

How to use a weighted blanket for children?

The primary purpose of a weighted blanket for children is after all to improve the quality of sleep of your little ones. It is most often accompanied by a user manual detailing all its specificities. They should be read to avoid misuse. But as a parent, you should be able to make your way around it as I did.

To help you out, have your child roll up entirely inside the weighted blanket during the first use. It must completely cover their body. At first, they may feel uncomfortable, but their body will adjust to the blanket after a while. From my children’s experience, that is around 3 to 5 days. Even within a week of using the heavy blanket, it is normal that they may not feel completely comfortable with it yet.

Also, be aware that the weighted blankets for babies can be used as the main blanket or only as a backup. In the latter case, remove the blanket as soon as the child can fall asleep, as this may bother them, mainly if they are not used to it. As they grow older, it becomes easier. But again, as we have mentioned above, weighted blankets are not recommended for babies and you should consult your doctor before buying one for your baby.

How to maintain the weighted blanket?

In general, children’s weighted blankets are not machine washable. This may deteriorate the uniformity and structure of the glass beads inside. However, if there are some dirt stains on the blanket, only that dirty part should be cleaned by hand and allowed to air dry. Having five clumsy children, I know it can be time-consuming to wash these blankets by hand from time to time. But it is absolutely worth it.

Luckily, some brands have equipped their weighted blankets with a removable cover to avoid this kind of inconvenience. This keeps the cover intact and can be easily cleaned in a washing machine. To prevent your weighted blanket from getting dirty, it is best to put on a duvet cover.

Blanket Recommendations

Note: these are the blankets I bought for my five little angels, and I’m absolutely positive they work. I can’t recommend them enough, and many of my friends have bought them as well. They are great, inexpensive, and easy to buy.

I know most lists on the internet have pros and cons but I won’t be doing that since there are no cons. My kids love them and that’s more than enough.

Sivio Kids Weighted Blanket

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Sivio is one of the best sellers for kids weighted blankets. This particular one is colorful and, therefore, quite appealing to kids. They love to carry it around and even play on it.

It weighs 5 lbs, and will therefore be suitable for both the smaller ones and pre-school kids. It is made of 100% cotton, which makes it very soft and comfortable to be snuggled in. The material is also breathable, which means your child will not feel very hot under it.

Most importantly, it has no toxic materials so your children will be safe and healthy.

All of my kids have used it, and they slept like angels.

Sivio 3 lbs Weighted Blanket for Kids

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If 5 lb is too heavy for your kid, you can always buy a lighter Sivio blanket.

The 3 lbs weight is perfect for the smaller ones, they will feel the beneficial weight but not feel suffocated underneath the blanket.

The Minky and cotton material is incredibly smooth and comfortable. This blanket might be even more comfortable than the previous one, as it is meant for smaller kids. Of course, both are great and comfy so you don’t have to bang your head about it.

What’s cool about this blanket is that it comes in various designs, so you can buy blankets for both boys and girls that have different styles. Of course, there is a possibility of fitting the blanket into the general room decoration.

I would recommend this to the youngest ones (around 2-3 years and slightly above).

Hazli Kids Weighted Blanket

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I bought the 7lbsHazli blanket when some of my kids got older. If you ask me, this is the perfect weight for kids aged 5 and above. When my oldest son reached that age, he started using the regular blanket for some time. I bought him this blanket and he said he slept much better afterward.

Again, the Minky material is both soft and heavy and will therefore be perfect for your kids, as it was for mine. I know it’s not the same for adults but when I feel the softness, I simply want a similar material for my blankets as well.

It is filled with micro glass beads to add that extra weight. This blanket is perfectly balanced in weight so you won’t need to worry about your kid feeling uncomfortable underneath it.

Also, you get a cover for it, so it’s easy to wash (the cover, not the blanket). Trust me, this is a life-saver! It’s so easy to wash and it, of course, fits perfectly around the blanket.

Sweetzer& Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids

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As the rest of my kids grew older, one heavier blanket wasn’t enough, so I bought this one from Sweetzer& Orange. Of course, I was tempted to buy the Hazli blanket again but wanted to experiment a little bit and found this one, which was highly recommended.

It weighs 7lbs as well. It has pretty much the same properties as the Hazli one – a cotton blanket with a Minky cover, heavy beads evenly distributed over the whole blanket, a breathable and soft-to-touch material…

All in all, a fantastic blanket that provides everything your child needs. Plus, I bought a model with dinosaurs on it and now my kids want a Dinosaur Encyclopedia! Who knew a blanket would interest them into studying?

Dreamscene Star Weighted Blanket

71IlNOGAfuL. AC SL1500

As my kids would start exchanging blankets with each other, I bought a universal weighted blanket for all. Whenever one blanket was “stolen”, this one would come to the rescue. It’s great for all so it is a must-have if you ask me.

This Dreamscene blanket weighs 6.6 lbs and is a mixture of polyester and teddy fleece, which is exceptionally breathable and soft. Yes, this weight is a bit heavier for toddlers but from the age of 4 to 8, it’s great. Also, the teddy fleece is incredibly soft although not as breathable as other blankets. Make sure that it is not incredibly hot in the room when the kids use this one.

Other than that, this blanket suits many needs and is ideal if you have several kids.

Key Takeaways

There you have it, I hope I have given you the answers you wanted about weighted blankets for kids. If you ask me, simply buy these recommended blankets and your kids will feel much better every day! Just pay attention to the weight and dimensions of the blanket and combine it with the weight and age of your kid, and that’s it.

For a few dozen dollars, you will make your kid healthier and livelier, which is a silly price to pay for your children. Wait no more, buy your children some weighted blankets.

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