A cooling weighted blanket can provide benefits for insomnia, anxiety, and other conditions, without the added heat buildup. This is especially important if you’re a hot sleeper, in menopause, or live in a warmer climate.

We’ve researched top-rated cooling weighted blankets on the market, including our personal choice for our son, who lives with ADHD, anxiety, and insomnia.

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What Is a Cooling Weighted Blanket?

Many people become confused about what a cooling weighted blanket actually is. So, let’s clear that up before we look at some of the most popular examples of this comforting product.

Don’t be fooled by the term “cooling” when referring to weighted blankets. They are not regular blankets that just cool you down if you get hot.

A weighted blanket is just what the name says it is. A special blanket that is heavier than a normal blanket.

The weight is sewn into the material to apply extra pressure to the body. The compression effect of the extra weight while you sleep is known to reduce anxiety and promote better sleep.

A “cooling” weighted blanket is a specially designed version of one of these blankets that manufacturers have produced in response to customer complaints of the extra weight making them too hot.

A woman having a hot flash using a fan to cool off.

Some people are hot sleepers and when they choose to use a weighted blanket, they prefer to get one that has cooling properties created by the material used, the construction, and special technologies (such as Coolmax).

Cooling weighted blankets often use cotton and bamboo fabrics, glass beads for the weight, and multiple layers of material, with less filling.

And so, a cooling weighted blanket is not a regular blanket with cooling properties to help you feel less warm. It’s a specific kind of weighted blanket that is heavier than normal to help you sleep better and feel calmer.

Here are 4 top cooling weighted blankets for hot restless sleepers:

1. Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

The Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket is the one we chose for our son’s needs. He has ADHD, anxiety, and insomnia, plus he’s a hot sleeper. This product ticked all the boxes for him.

For more info on this brand, you can check out our Personal Review of the Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket.


5 Positive Features of Degrees of Comfort:

Some good features of this weighted blanket include:

1. There are 2 Removable Covers

There are two removable covers, one for a cooling effect and one plush design to keep you warmer. The cooling cover is helpful for hot sleepers and the warmer cover makes the blanket usable year-round.

2. It Uses Coolmax Technology

This manufacturer has an exclusive Coolmax technology partnership that means the cooling removable cover is designed with innovative properties to provide the most comfort for hot sleepers.

3. Choose from a Variety of Sizes

The Degrees of Comfort weighted blankets are available in weights from 5 to 30 pounds, making them suitable for smaller children and larger adults.

4. Includes Quality Nano-ceramic Beads

The nano-ceramic beads used are smaller and tougher than glass and plastic beads. They’re also softer and interact with less noise during movement.

5. A Secure 10-Point Anchor System

The Degrees of Comfort blanket features a 10-point anchor system, which prevents bunching of the blanket and shifting of the weight during sleep.

Cons of Degrees of Comfort:

One drawback to this blanket is the lack of color choice, and those that are available are bland. If decor-matching options matter, you might need to continue your search.

Read Latest Reviews: Degrees of Comfort on Amazon

New Patented Zoning Design by Degrees of Comfort

Degrees of Comfort also has an updated version of their weighted blanket that includes a new patented “Zoning” design.

New and Different Distribution of Weight

The new zoning design of this blanket distributes the weight differently than before to make it even better for hot sleepers.

With the Zoning configuration, 80% of the weight is distributed around the edges of the blanket. The claim is that this leaves less pressure in the middle, and therefore creates less heat buildup.

Other Features Remain the Same

Other than the Zoning technology, this blanket appears to have the same features as the original Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket, including the removable covers and Nano-ceramic beads for filling.

However, the color choice is still limited and it only comes in sizes of 6 pounds up to 23 pounds.

Does the Zoning Design Defeat the Purpose?

While it has a high rating from customer reviews, there is mention that some people find the new design defeats the purpose of how a weighted blanket is meant to work, with even weight distribution.

It’s a point worth keeping in mind.

While we loved the original Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket for our son’s needs, it remains to be seen if this new design is a success. We’ll report later when it’s had more use.

Read Latest Reviews: “Zoning” on Amazon

2. YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket 2.0

YnM’s cooling weighted blanket 2.0 has some nice improvements over its predecessor, which helps the manufacturer compete with other top brands. The cooling aspect is nice for hot sleepers.

5 Positive Features of YnM Weighted Blankets:

Some positive features of YnM weighted blankets include:

1. Offers A Large Size Variety

The YnM 2.0 weighted blanket can be found in a variety of sizes from 7 pounds up to 30 pounds in weight, providing a wide range.

2. Uses Bamboo for the Outer Fabric

The cooling effect of this blanket is due to the use of pure, natural 300 thread count bamboo viscose material for the outer covering of the weighted blanket. It is soft, breathable, and has anti-bacterial properties.

3. The Weight is from Glass Beads

For the weight, YnM goes with the classic glass beads. It’s an odorless, non-toxic, and eco-friendly material. Plus, the glass beads will add to the cooling effect by not retaining heat.

4. Provides Even Weight Distribution

The weights are distributed in small compartments to provide even weight distribution. The beads are held in place with a three-dimensional lock-bead sewing technique to avoid leakage and shifting.

5. You Have Design Choices

If you’re looking for a weighted blanket that offers plenty of color and design options, this is the product for you. There is a significant selection available.

Cons of YnM Weighted Blankets:

At this time, the YnM weighted blanket removable covers must be purchased separately.

Read Latest Reviews: YnM on Amazon

YnM Weighted Blanket Sets

Another option with YnM weighted blankets is the sets that they now have available. The inner weighted blanket has all of the same great features, plus it comes with 2 removable covers.

Includes 2 Removable Duvet Covers

One cover is plush Minky for warmth, while the other is what they refer to as Ice Fiber Cool and is made with premium cotton. It is a good option for hot sleepers.

Offers Good Color Choices

These sets also have a wider selection of color choices with the covers than the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket sets. The covers also allow for easier care and cleaning.

Read Latest Reviews: YnM Sets on Amazon

3. CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket

Another well-known manufacturer of cooling weighted blankets is CoziRest, which also provides a high-end option specifically designed for hot sleepers.

5 Positive Features of CoziRest Weighted Blankets:

Good features for this blanket include:

1. Includes a Dual-Sided Removable Cover

The CoziRest cooling blanket has a removable cover and it is dual-sided. You can turn it inside out and choose to feel the bamboo side on your skin for a cooling effect or the Minky plush duvet cover side for more warmth.

2. Manufactured with Double Stitching

There’s double stitching between each 5-inch weight pocket compartment to further limit glass bead movements and to tighten the layers. This makes the blanket more durable and prevents leakage of beads.

3. Weight is Created with Glass Beads

This blanket uses traditional glass beads for weight, which are hypo-allergenic, odorless, and non-toxic. They also contribute to the cooling effect by not holding heat against the body.

4. There are Breathable Cotton Layers

The weighted blanket uses 400 thread count premium-quality cotton fabric that is durable and washable. It increases breathability and adds to the cooling property.

5. Beads are Wrapped in Extra Polyfil

This blanket has more polyfil to reduce the feeling of the beads when you lay under it at night. The idea is to make the blanket have a softer and more comfy appeal.

Cons of the CoziRest Weighted Blanket:

This blanket is only suitable for queen and king size beds and is available in limited sizes of 15, 20, and 25 pounds. It also has one color option.

Read Latest Reviews: CoziRest on Amazon

4. Zonli Cooling Weighted Blanket

Zonli now has a cooling weighted blanket that uses 100% bamboo viscose for the outer layer, creating a soft and cooling product. There is a wide range of sizes, but the bamboo duvet cover is sold separately.

5 Positive Features of Zonli Weighted Blankets:

Positive features of this blanket are:

1. A Good Size Variety

The Zonli weighted blanket has a smaller range of sizes than some of the other blankets, with 5 pounds up to 25 pounds in weight, but it is still a good range.

2. Made with Bamboo Outer Fabric

They create the cooling effect of this blanket by using 100% bamboo viscose for the outer layer. It is soft and cooling, as well as being anti-bacterial and breathable.

3. Glass Beads are Used for Weight

Like many manufacturers, Zonli uses the classic glass beads as the weight in small pockets for even weight distribution. They’re odorless, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, and they have the advantage of not holding heat.

4. Includes High-Density Sewing Technology

This blanket takes care to avoid bead leakage and shifting by using high-density sewing technology to create a durable product.

5. Offers a Range of Design Choices

The Zonli cooling weighted blanket has a decent selection of color and design options. There are also some choices with the duvet cover that is sold separately.

Cons of the Zonli Weighted Blanket:

The removable duvet cover is sold separately.

Read Latest Reviews: Zonli on Amazon

Who Uses a Cooling Weighted Blanket?

Cooling weighted blankets often use special technology like Coolmax and materials such as bamboo and cotton to avoid heat buildup.

Bamboo, in particular, is anti-bacterial and wicks moisture away from your body. Both bamboo and cotton are considered breathable fabrics.

Woman laying in bed fanning herself.

This is especially beneficial for people who are hot restless sleepers, or for people who are in menopause and are troubled by hot flashes and night sweats. They are equally useful for the summer heat or warmer climates.

Manufacturers of weighted blankets have listened to feedback from customers that have asked for materials and construction that create less heat.

If you fall into this category, you might want to consider one of the choices above to get better sleep and rest.

Our Top Choice

Our top choice for a cooling weighted blanket is the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket, which we chose for our son who is a hot sleeper.

However, the YnM cooling weighted blanket is also a great choice, as are the YnM weighted blanket sets that include a cooling cover.

If you live in Canada, see our post for Cooling Weighted Blankets in Canada.

64 thoughts on “Best Cooling Weighted Blankets”

  1. First of all, thank you. I suffer from lupus and therefore have night sweats. I can’t tell you the number of nights I lay awake because of anxiety and stress. The thought of a weighted blanket helping has intrigued me, but I can’t stand to get any hotter than I already get at night. So, your post has provided me with a means to address both issues. Also, I appreciate that not only did you review the products, but you educated me as to the innovation behind cooling weighted blankets. It will help me make a more-informed decision. 

    1. Hi Chris;

      Yes, I understand your concerns completely. Our son has the same issues. He has anxiety and ADHD, but is also what’s known as a “hot sleeper.”

      We chose the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket and it has been a good choice for his circumstances.

      I wish you well with finding the product for your needs and comfort.
      Stella 🙂

  2. There are lots of people who go to a daily job and return back home with headaches and stress and anxiety and in the end find it hard to sleep at night. Some of these people go as far as to use drugs to help solve the problem and in the end suffer form side effects from these drugs. However coming across this post gives a much better suggestion to dealing with this problem as one can easily get a weighted blanket and use it without any side effects. I’ll inform my friends about it so they can benefit from it.

    1. Hi Dane;

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope your friends find a weighted blanket a good natural solution to getting enough sleep after a hard day of work.


  3. Thankyou, great article. The second one, with the glass beads, is interesting. The glass itself wouldn’t retain as much heat and plus the heat could get out through the spaces in between the beads. But, they would still add weight. That’s smart. And then by having a breathable cushion layer and fabric, that makes it easier for the heat to escape. 

    Thanks, this is probably one of the best guides to finding a cooler weighted blanket that I’ve seen. Plus, your other article where you said just put the AC on more, or lower the heat, would be a good tip for anyone getting too hot with a weighted blanket. 

    So one thing I wonder is, what’s the heaviest weighted blanket? And, how heavy would a weighted blanket ideally be? Thanks!

  4. I enjoyed reading your article on Best Cooling Weighted Blankets – Complete Reviews with Comparisons.  There are a lot of helpful and interesting information. 

     I like them because it reduces heat build up, keeps you cooler. and comfortable during the night.  These blankets are great because they come in variety of sizes.  I am going to buy one to go on my bed to use this winter.

    Do you know if they have the weighted blankets in the color white?

    Thank you for Sharing ~ Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret;

      We’re glad you find the reviews of the cooling weighted blankets helpful. They are certainly a good support for many people with sleep issues, and the cooling versions are great for people who get too warm when they sleep.

      As for color, different manufacturers offer different options. So, you’ll need to check with each one to see what they offer. For the cooling weighted blankets in particular, YnM offers the biggest selection of design styles out of the blankets on our post.

      Best to you,

  5. I have put off getting a weighted blanket because I worried I would get too hot (I get night sweats). I’m excited to learn that they now have cooling weighted blankets and I really appreciate your review. I like that the Cool Max one has 2 removable covers so there are options. I don’t mind the lack of variety in color. I tend to go for neutral colors anyway. Thank you for helping me decide. 

  6. And all my life I thought every heavy blanket was sure to give you some more heat, well I think its understandable after considering the material of these cool weighted blankets.

    Too bad for me i couldn’t get one, the price of buying on Amazon was quite fine at about 80 bucks but realised to ship to my country I had to pay over 200$ so I might have to check these in South African online stores instead. Do you think they are already available in South African stores?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Donny, yes, the price of weighted blankets does make them an investment. And, the currency you use can make a difference.

      If I were you, I would do an online search for where to buy them in South Africa from a store. You might get lucky and there is a place near you that sells them. If there is, watch for sales.

      Another idea is to find someone who can sew and show them a video on how to make one. There are lots of videos on YouTube for that.

      All the best,

  7. Thanks so much for introducing me to cooling weighted blankets; I never knew products like this were available!

    My youngest son, who is almost 6 years old, is autistic. At school they have found he gets a lot of comfort out of weighted vests and other like materials. It keeps him content and allows him to stay still and helps him to better pay attention when he needs to be sitting in one place with the rest of his class. I was thinking a weighted product like this could help him stay still long enough to fall asleep easier at night. The only problem is the boy is a huge heat conductor – he can keep me warm on the coldest days just sitting next to me lol. 

    The cooling aspect to these blankets might be perfect for him! I am so glad I found your page, it’s been so helpful. Thanks again!

    1. Yes, your son sounds like a hot sleeper, like our son is. That’s why we went with the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket. It has a choice of a warm or cooling cover included. You can read our personal review of it.

      Some people even find weighted blankets good in the daytime or at school as a wrap to calm them after vigorous activities like gym class.

      Best to you both,

  8. I stumbled upon this article while searching on Google for weighted blankets but the one I’m looking for is for warming and not cooling. I understand that this article was written with the audience in the cold hemisphere in mind, so it is understandable that this article is about cooling instead of the opposite which is warming. But here in the Philippines, we need the opposite which is warming. Can these weighted blank change its use depending on what region on Earth you use them? Let’s say, for example, if it is in the USA, it will help you cool down but when you bring it to here in the Philippines, it will function on the opposite.

    1. Hi Gomer;

      If you live in a warm climate, you would probably want a cooling weighted blanket so it doesn’t make you too hot when you sleep.

      Actually, the one that we use for our son comes with 2 removable covers. One is made with Coolmax technology for cooling and the other is made from plush Minky material and is good to stay warmer. You can choose which to use depending on what you want at the time.

      You can read our personal review of the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket and see if it’s what you need.

      Best to you,

  9. What a great article! My daughter is completely opposite me and she is hot all the time. The Degrees of Comfort looks like this would be great for her.

    Personally, I like the removable covers and I’m surprised at how affordable it is. The navy color will go perfect in her room. I’m going to give this a try. Nothing has worked before because she just complains she’s too hot. Fingers crossed!

    1. Hi Bonnie;

      I suspect from your comments that you misunderstand the uses of a weighted blanket. A weighted blanket is mainly meant to help with sleep and anxiety. A COOLING weighted blanket is meant for people who need help with those issues and are hot sleepers. These cooling weighted blankets are not just to cool a person down when they are sleeping. They are meant to reduce the heat buildup under the increased weight so the person can enjoy the benefits without getting too hot.

      Hope this helps,

  10. They are nice, I like them. This was my first weighted blanket and I can really say it assists with personal and emotional comfort. I washed it on the fragile cycle before actually using it myself and hung it outside to air dry, I had no known issues. I decided to stick to the “10% x your bodyweight” suggestion and rolled with it.. however be that as it may I do wish I had gotten the heavier blankets. Since I’ve been using the cover a couple of weeks I think the weight doesn’t exactly feel like quite enough for me, but it’s still a great blanket and I highly recommend it.

  11. Thank you for you post. It is a timely article for me. I have a very stressed job and am often with insomnia, anxiety, and sometime depression with hot and sweet in the evening.

    Here comes you article. It is my first time hear about the cooling weighted blanket. As you mentioned in your article, the cooling weight blanket has the benefits for insomnia, anxiety, and other conditions, without the added heat buildup. The is perfect tool for my conditions.

    I checked the price and it is about $80, which is in the range of my budget. I am definitely going to buy one for myself.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

  12. I just got my first weighted blanket and even after a quick test it seems so dreamy! I’m looking forward to a restful night of sleep. However, after putting it on the queen bed, it doesn’t seem to be big enough (certainly not as big as our other queen blankets). I’m curious, is this common for weighted blankets, or do you think that I might have ended up with one that is the wrong size? In any event, I’m looking forward to this new luxury of getting great sleep with a cooling weighted blanket!!

    1. Hi Aly;

      Many people make that mistake with a weighted blanket. It isn’t supposed to fit like a regular blanket. It’s supposed to just cover your body and not hang down the sides of the bed so that you get optimum and even pressure on your whole body. For more info on sizing check out our post about How to Size a Weighted Blanket.

      Best to you,

  13. Thanks for the information. I chose The Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket. I’ll use it both for me and for my son. I think a good nights sleep is essential for energy the next day. And the possibility of cooling and heating that this blanket offers will ensure quality sleep. These weighted blankets are totally different in a good way.

  14. Thanks for educating me what weighted blankets are and how they can be set up to provide warmth or cooling. I wondered how cooling was achieved until you explained these kinds of blankets do not retain heat because of the materials used like bamboo fabric. 

    I was impressed with the choices available. But I was perplexed more colors weren’t offered. When our son who has ADHD was a kid and lived at home, I wished I knew about weighted blankets like these. Perhaps he could have benefitted from them.

    Glad I came across your article.



    1. Hi Edwin;

      It isn’t that cooling weighted blankets don’t retain any heat. It’s that they are designed to have less heat buildup for people who get hot when they sleep. Yes, the variety of colors and designs definitely varies according to the manufacturer you choose. Some make it a priority and others don’t.

      Thanks and all the best,

  15. I am honestly really upset that I didn’t see your post soon as I just got a weighted blanket for my birthday a few months ago and didn’t know that the “cooling” effect was an option. I use my weighted blanket for severe anxiety issues and I definitely am someone who gets hot and feels claustrophobic very easily. I may have to hand my current blanket down and invest in one of these to see if it provides me with a better experience.

    In regards to the blanket in positive terms, however, it truly does make you feel as though you are being hugged and it does help with my anxiety.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kara;

      One thing that you can try instead of buying a whole new weighted blanket is to check if they sell removable covers for your weighted blanket. They may have something in a breathable material like cotton or bamboo. Buying a cover is cheaper than buying a new blanket. It doesn’t even have to be the same brand if you find one that matches your size. Just do a search on Amazon for “weighted blanket cover.”

      All the best,

  16. This is exactly what my wife was talking about the other day! Thank you for sharing this, this is going to make getting her Christmas gift so much easier! I’m almost tempted to get one for myself. The idea of a blanket that cools you off instead of making it way too hot is a good one. Guess we can get his and hers right? 

    1. Hi Travis;

      Yes, weighted blankets make great gift ideas. However, don’t confuse them with a blanket that is cooler than a regular blanket. The cooling weighted blankets are heavy and still produce heat, but are designed to reduce the heat build up more than regular weighted blankets. They are meant for hot sleepers and warmer weather so that everyone can enjoy the sleep benefits of a weighted blanket.

      Best to you,

  17. Thank you for your post. I have a very stressful job and often have insomnia, anxiety, and sweating during the night when trying to sleep. I tried to find a solution for my conditions without success. Your cooling weighted blankets could be the solution to my problem.

    Looks like the Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket could be my choice. I like your Cons analysis and there is only one drawback, the lack of color choice, which is not a factor for me. Any color is fine with me. 

    I checked the price and it is $80, which is in my budget range. I am definitely going to buy this one. It is kind of you sharing this useful product information with us.

    1. Hi Anthony;

      When we bought a weighted blanket for our son, color choice wasn’t a priority either, so we went with the Degrees of Comfort blanket, too. It had everything he needed and plenty of value.

      All the best to you with sleep,

  18. Hello Stella,

    I have purchased several blankets before some for the love of the 

    sports teams I support 🙂

    This review here is based on quality therefore it educated me with my next

    purchase because I usually find myself uncomfortable : hot with the blanket and 

    cold without it so that middle ground balance is what i will be going for.

    Thank you for the education.

    1. Hi there;

      It’s important to understand that these blankets are weighted blankets and meant to be heavy. They’re not just for cooling down. They have features that help prevent heat buildup so that hot sleepers can enjoy the deep touch pressure benefits without getting too hot.

      Best to you,

  19. Hello there and thanks for your very informative post on a product I never even knew existed. I have been told for many years now that while I sleep my body is so hot and while it doesn’t really affect me it certainly does my partner no matter how affording she is. I’m going to show her this post and see whether it’s something she would like to try. I love that they use bamboo as the natural fibre. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Paul;

      We can see the issue you have there. But keep in mind that these blankets are heavy and meant to provide extra weight. They’re aren’t just for cooling. The cooling quality is for hot sleepers who want the weighted benefits of the blanket without too much heat buildup.

      Best to you,

  20. Oh my god! Your website always offers the product that I can’t stand not to buy. Just a few weeks ago, I read your article about weighted blanket for children and I bought it. Today, I read your article about cooling weighted blankets, and “it seems” I’ll buy it too.
    Because I totally agree with what you write. I am a hot sleeper. And I really have trouble sleeping if it’s not cold. Every night, before going to sleep, I always set my AC temperature to 16 degrees Celsius, even though I still feel too hot.

    By the way, I am very interested in Zonli Cooling Weighted Blanket.

  21. Hi Stella,

    Being someone who suffers from insomnia and knows what it’s like to have restless nights these weighted blankets appeal to me.

    I will have to try a few of these blankets to see what works for me. They all come with integrated technology that looks to help sleeping, so I’m all for it.

    If I was to start with one I would go with the Zoni Weighted Blanket as I like Bamboo. It’s a soft and comfortable fabric. But I will try it and if it doesn’t work I see I have multiple options to go with.



    1. You’re welcome, Josh. We’re glad the post was helpful for you, and we wish you good luck with your choices.


  22. Joseph Stasaitis

    Thanks for the information on cooling weighted blankets. I never realized that it addressed so many health conditions. It is very helpful to have information on all these different choices with both pros and cons.

    Thanks for mentioning that the cover and the weight distribution is as important as the makeup of the blanket. I appreciate getting a better understanding of the design differences between the different blankets. 

    This is information I will share with friends who can most benefit. Thanks again. Much appreciated.

  23. I purchased a weighted blanket for my daughter-in-law after she said she had trouble sleeping and was using a lot of regular blankets for weight. Her homemade weighted blanket was too hot.

    After several weeks, I asked her how the blanket was working and she said “awesome” she was finally able to have a good night’s sleep.  I didn’t know they came with different removable covers (hot-cold).  Since we have cold winters and hot summers I think that having different covers would be a great choice when selecting a weighted blanket.

  24. Stress causes insomnia, anxiety and many other conditions that are unfortunately increasingly popular in everyday life. If someone told you that the blanket would reduce the problems listed, you might not experience it at all. But, these are special blankets. Most people who struggle with anxiety also have trouble sleeping. Thanks for the post.

  25. I usually run hot when I go to bed. It is a problem that when I first go to seep I run hot and when I am in the middle of my sleep I sweat and that woke me up. I have never tried weighted cooling blanket before but would love to give it a try. CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket seems to be perfect for me. Thank you so much for your review and your suggestions 🙂 


  26. Hi Stella. Thanks for the very detailed and honest review of cooling weighted blankets. I am more conservative and prefer cotton for comfort when I sleep. So the CoziRest cooling weight blanket would be my choice. Unfortunately, it is only in three sizes, but I think one of them will work for me. Bamboo looks like an interesting fabric, too.

    1. We’re glad the post was helpful for you, Carmen. Yes, bamboo as a material in weighted blankets is a popular choice because it is breathable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and often grown in a sustainable way. It is a good choice for hot sleepers and those who don’t want a lot of heat buildup. Cotton is also a good choice for its breathability and cooler quality.


  27. I particularly find this very useful because I live in a region where the temperature is really high. The moment I start feeling hot in bed, sleeping becomes a struggle for me. 

    Now, I really don’t mind the extra weight, as far as I can get a full night rest without interruption from heat. I think the degree of comfort weighted blanket is ideal and the limited color design is not an issue at all.

    Thanks for sharing.

  28. I like that the pressure is perceived by our brains like receiving a hug. Out of your list, the CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket is my favorite. Textures and colors are very elegant.

    The Dual-Sided Removable Cover for my chosen version will make it easier to do the laundry when needed. And Cotton will always feel good against your skin.

    Thanks for a great product review post!

  29. I really enjoyed reading about the cooling weighted blankets.  I was looking through the comments and wondering if my question may have already been answered and I missed it.  My wife is going through the difficult time of hot flashes and often sleeps restlessly at night.  I was wondering if there have been any examples of these blankets benefiting women who are going through this kind of life event?  Thank you.

  30. I have heard of weighted blankets before but never really understood that they can have cooling properties. I get that now from your article.

    My wife is a hot sleeper who could benefit from a weighted blanket, so I’m sure if I show her this post, she’ll want to order one.

    I’ll show her this later, and see if she wants to try one of the weighted blankets you highlight here.

    Thank you for such a great review.

  31. Hi Stella, I have never heard of a weighted blanket or a cooling weighted blanket, so the whole concept to me is fascinating, yet confusing. Where I live most people use duvets, rather than blankets, but the fact that the weighted blanket is used with a cover, makes it appear to be simliar to a duvet. Except the glass beads as a filling, rather than feathers. 

    I am curious to know how one would clean them. Obviously the covers can be washed, but the actual blanket? Would the glass beads not break? And does it make a noise when it is moved that you can hear the beads moving against one another?

    1. Weighted blankets are very popular now, but not everyone is familiar with their use. We have a post explaining what they are used for.

      And yes, cleaning them is one of the drawbacks to getting all of the wonderful benefits. We also have a post on how to care for a weighted blanket. You might find that helpful.

      The glass beads are very small like sand, so you can’t hear them moving. And, we’ve never heard of any reports of them breaking.


  32. Wow, this is the first time I have heard of a great product like a cooling weighted blanket. The post mentioned that this blanket is suitable for people who are hot restless sleepers, or in menopause, or having hot flashes and night sweats. And I have a friend who is in menopause. It is her birthday next month. I plan to buy a Zoning Weighted Blanket to give her as a birthday gift.
    Finally, thank you for providing a good idea.

    1. That’s a nice idea to give to your friend as a gift. If you go ahead with the Degrees of Comfort Zoning weighted blanket, let us know how she finds it. It’s a relatively new version of that product and we’re curious what people are saying about it.


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