Cotton Vs Polyester Weighted Blankets | Which is best for you?

Cotton Vs Polyester Weighted Blankets | Which is best for you?

There are various materials of weighted blankets like fleece, cotton, and polyester available for purchase. Cotton and polyester blankets are the most commonly found materials. 


There is often a competition between cotton and polyester blankets. People usually get confused while making a decision between the two. Following are a few points that will help you decide which one is better for you. 

  1. Comfort

Comfort is the top priority when it comes to sleeping and relaxing. You need to make sure the fabric is comfortable otherwise, you would be uncomfortable while using it, and your sleep will be disturbed. 

  • Cotton fabric is known worldwide to have a soft and warm feel. It is generally preferred for clothing, bedding, pillows, and sewing materials. It is very soft and smooth to the touch, and is quite absorbent. It is also very breathable and can therefore regulate temperature while you’re wrapped in it. 
  • Polyester is also very soft and smooth. However, in contrast, it is not as absorbent and penetrable to air. It traps sweat in it and thus, can cause discomfort if used in warm conditions. However, it is otherwise comfortable to use in normal or colder climates.

Cotton and polyester both excel in providing comfort. but cotton is superior to polyester in terms of comfort since it is porous and regulates body temperature effectively as compared to polyester. Nevertheless, all the blankets offer excellent comfort. You should choose the blanket you like according to your budget and needs!

2. Irritability

Some fabrics can cause irritability and damage your skin. You should take into consideration the effect of the material on your skin.

  • Cotton is made of natural and pure fiber. Thus, it is non-allergic and does not irritate your skin. It is more dependable for comfort and safety. 
  • Polyester has a less absorbent quality. It does not absorb moisture and is less suitable in hot climates. It causes the user to sweat more, leading to various skin reactions that are not ideal. Additionally, being a synthetic material, it may cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

If you know you’re allergic to a particular material, it is best to avoid it completely. Therefore, cotton is the material of choice if you are hypersensitive to various fabrics and do not want to experiment with new ones.

3. Climate Variations:

This is a very important characteristic and should definitely be considered which choosing a weighted blanket. 

  • Cotton fabric is a porous and permeable material and can diffuse heat and moisture. It allows your skin to breathe and releases the body heat to regulate the body’s temperature while you sleep. This feature is great for people living in warmer areas and makes cotton the best option for you if you live in a hotter climate. 
  • Polyester, as noted above, performs in a totally different way. It traps heat inside and keeps you warm. Now, this property of polyester is great and more suitable for you if you live in a colder region as it keeps you warmer compared to cotton. 

Cotton is preferred more in hot climates whereas polyester is fancied in winters. So if you live in areas with a warmer atmosphere, we recommend going for cotton for your weighted blanket but if you live in zones that have winters most of the year, then you should definitely opt for polyester!

4. Durability: 

Cotton is highly absorbent and absolutely natural. Hence, it is more inclined to shirking and staining. If you leave a cotton blanket in the sun for long periods of time, you can greatly reduce its lifespan. The maintenance of a weighted blanket made of cotton is more difficult than a polyester one. 

If you want a more durable and long-lasting blanket, then polyester is the best option. It is not affected by the sun, and it can bear a lot of wear and tear and still remain in good condition. It is not worn out by regular washing. It is low maintenance and, thus, a lot more durable than cotton-weighted blankets. It is also quick to dry, which again makes it better for cooler climates.

Polyester has a longer life in comparison with cotton. Nonetheless, cotton also offers durability. Hence, it’s totally up to you to choose the blanket you like depending on your preferences from the list of blankets.

5. Prices:

Cotton weighted blankets are made of pure fabric. They are absorbent, smooth, do not come with health issues, and regulate temperature. Therefore, you can expect these blankets to be more expensive than polyester blankets. 100% organic cotton blankets are surely a bit costly. Getting a mix of original and conventional material, can be lighter on your wallet.

Polyester blankets are not made of natural fabric and thus are relatively inexpensive. There are many types of polyester blankets, and their prices vary greatly depending on the type. Plush Minky blankets can feel very luxurious and comfortable and come with a heavy price tag. Simpler polyester blankets are more cost-effective and are what we recommend if you are on a budget. 

Polyester is cheap since it is not made of pure fabric but cotton being pure, is relatively more expensive. But both are easily affordable. It is up to you now, whether you want quality or quantity. Baloo weighted blankets and luxury weighted blankets are the most reasonable blankets out there in polyester and cotton.

6. Design:

Numerous designs are present for both types of blankets, but the fabrics have a few different properties.

  • Cotton is easily stretched and produces a deeper color when dyed. However, this color and design can fade over time and become dull.
  • On the other hand, polyester blankets do not get dull or faint over time. Even after numerous washes, the design, color, and texture will remain the same.

As previously mentioned, polyester is more durable comparatively, and therefore, the designs it comes in last longer than cotton. Every blanket has its unique design which makes it different from the other one. Both cotton and polyester weighted blankets have extraordinary designs. It’s completely your choice to choose the blanket which you find perfect according to your needs and liking.



  • YnM Weighted Blanket
61T4zmNjZYL. AC SL1500
Price: $44-$149

Layers of soft cotton fabric are knitted into an allure blanket to capture the joy of a peaceful snuggle.

Designed for both; adults and kids, this weighted blanket is made up of 7 layers to induce great sleep and comfort. it is made up of 100% pure cotton and is extremely breathable. It comes in various colors; light grey, navy, Monaco blue, blue-white, apricot, dark grey, up to 30 options. They can weigh anywhere between 5 to 30 pounds. The weight applies a constant pressure that has therapeutic value because of something known as pressure therapy.  

This weighted blanket is ideal for all seasons and is extremely soft. It induces a deep sleep cycle. It ensures you are well-rested and fresh when you wake up!

  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Evenly weighted
  • Machine washable
  • Finest stitching
  • More glass beads and less fibers for best temperature control
  • Uneven beads distribution
  • Can over-heat
  • Amazon Basics All-Season Cotton Weighted Blanket 
61FLF ZhNeL. AC SL1500
Price: $40

Available in gray color, this weighted blanket is made of 100% organic cotton. Cotton is the best material for hyper-allergic people and in warm climates. Its weight is 12lbs but there are other options available as well for you to choose from which are effective for you.

  • Cheap
  • Breathable
  • Filler-free
  • Not machine washable
  • Only dry clean
  • SUPERIOR 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket
81mjdLJYcgL. AC SL1500
Price: $29-$42

This weighted blanket is made of 100% premium cotton. It is an oversized, woven blanket with a herringbone pattern. It comes in 3lbs weight and in many colors. The blanket has a dual function; provides breathability as well as deep insulation.

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Light weight
  • Machine washable
  • Gift able
  • Pilling



  • Dream Lab Plush Weighted Blanket 
81LRDejLAZL. AC SL1500
Price: $149

Made from pure polyester, this weighted blanket is designed intricately with high-quality material filled with small beads to ensure even weight distribution. The blanket comes in a taupe color. The weight of this blanket is 15lbs. the cover is removable which is a great initiative in order to make it less warm in summers.

  • Machine washable
  • Cozy
  • Removable cover
  • Even weight distribution
    • Heritage Club Children’s 40×50 Blue Shark
    81fivp5smNL. AC SL1500
    Price: $49

    Made from 100% polyester and glass beads filler, this weighted blanket is available in 6lbs. It is specifically designed for kids. The weight of the blanket is evenly distributed.

    • Dual functionality
    • Affordable
    • One weight option
    • Spot clean only
    • Dearfoams Microfiber Weighted Blanket
    71dOnixoL2L. AC SL1500
    Price: $45

     This weighted blanket is made from polyester and weighs 15lbs. It provides you with comfort and relaxation. It’s a quilted weighted blanket. The blanket is made of polyester with beaded fillers. It has small compartments filled with beads for even weight distribution.

    • Inexpensive
    • Machine washable
    • No warranty

    Our Choice for adults

    Amazon’s All-Season and superior weighted blankets are highly recommended for adults if you are looking for cotton weighted blankets. If you are looking for polyester weighted blankets for adults: Dearfoams Microfiber Weighted Blanket and Dreamlab Plush weighted blanket are your way to go!

    Our Recommendation for Kids

    For children, Heritage Club Children Shark weighted blankets are our choice in polyester since they come in lower weights.


    To make a better decision, we definitely recommend you try out both materials and make a decision based on what material feels better for you. Many blankets come with a free trial window so that you can rest assured you can return the blanket if you don’t like it.

    However, this may not always be feasible. To make the decision simple, here’s what we suggest:

     If you live in a warm environment or like to feel cool while you sleep, we would recommend you get cotton blankets because of their versatility, smooth texture, and breathability. 

    On the other hand, polyester is the material of choice for someone in a cooler climate or who likes to sleep warm.

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