Frequently Asked Questions

Are weighted blankets safe for kids ?

Yes! Kids over the age of two years can benefit from using a weighted blanket. Check out our guide to buy the perfect weighted blanket for your children!

Are weighted blankets good for autism or ADHD ?

Weighted blankets can help people with autism and ADHD increase their attention span and regulate their emotions using deep touch stimulation. Read more about it here.

Are weighted blankets good for anxiety ?

Yes, they are ! Research has proven weighted blankets to be an effective treatment for anxiety. Read more about its benefits in our article on the topic

Can weighted blanket help with muscle recovery ?

By applying a compression-like pressure on your body, weight blankets can boost muscle recovery and improve your sleep quality. Check our article on whether weighted blanket improves exercise recovery.

Can a weighted blanket make you sore ?

Buying the correct weighted blanket is essential to maximize benefits and minimize any unwanted effects. But yes using a weighted blanket that is too heavy could lead to discomfort. We recommend getting a blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight for the best results. Read our complete buying guide here

How not to use a weighted blanket ?

A weighted blanket should not be used by people with respiratory conditions (such as COPD or asthma), kids under the age of 2 years, and claustrophobic people. It should also not be used as a replacement for medical treatment for a disease or condition. Read more about the risks in this article

Is a weighted blanket suitable when pregnant?

Using a weighted blanket during pregnancy can certainly be helpful. However, comfort should be ensured, and the user should be able to move the blanket around on their own. While studies show that there are many benefits of using weighted blanket during pregnancy such as less anxiety, better sleep and reduce general aches and pains, we recommend you consult your physician regarding any risks. Check our article specifically on this topic. However heat buildup can often be an issue during pregnancy when using weighted blanket, check our guide on the best cooling weighted blankets for maximum comfort.

Can weighted blankets help you lose weight?

Not directly! But lack of sufficient sleep and stress can cause weight gain. Weighted blankets can help improve sleep quality and decrease stress levels to help counter this.

What are weighted blankets filled with?

Weighted blankets come in a variety of fillings to add extra weight. These fillings can range from glass or polyester beads to extra layers of cotton. Good manufacturers make sure to use hypoallergenic materials to make their blankets safe to use for everyone. Look out for the OEKO-TEX 100 certification while making a purchase. This certification tests weighted blankets to the strictest standards for any harmful materials or allergic reactions.

Can weighted blankets be machine washed & dried?

Since weighted blankets have extra fillings, people might think they’d be hard to care for and wash. However, this isn’t true! A lot of heavy blankets are made to be easy to be cared for. Check out our top picks of machine-washable blankets here.

Are weighted blankets good for fibromyalgia?

By utilizing deep-touch stimulation, weighted blankets can help reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia. They can help improve sleep quality and be especially helpful during flares caused by stress.

Are weighted blankets good for circulation problems?

Weighted blankets apply pressure on your body, including the extremities such as hands and feet. This pressure speeds the return of blood from the veins to your heart, improving blood circulation while you sleep.

Can weighted blankets cause blood clots?

By improving blood circulation, weighted blankets can protect you from blood clots. However, if you have a cardiovascular condition, we strongly recommend discussing the use of a heavy blanket with your physician.

Should people with sleep apnea use weighted blankets?

People with sleep apnea should avoid weighted blankets as it may increase the symptoms experienced.

Are weighted blankets just a fad?

No, they aren’t! The benefits of weighted blankets are well-researched and well-documented. They can be a helpful non-drug aid for anxiety, ADHD, restless legs, insomnia, and much more. Have a look at our picks for the weighted blankets with the best value

What is the best size for a weighted blanket?

The ideal weighted blanket should weigh roughly ten percent of your body weight. The size should be enough to cover you completely while you lie down. Such a blanket will be easy to manage and provide you with the maximum benefits. Read our complete guide here.

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