Weighted blankets are a popular natural sleep aid product, and they work well for many people in their bed, at home.

But… sometimes you need to travel.

Lady sleeping on a flight with a pillow and blanket.

Weighted blankets are heavy and bulky, with some weighing as much as 20, 25, or 30 pounds and having dimensions up to 86 inches x 92 inches, so what about when you need to go somewhere.

How will you accommodate a weighted blanket when you travel?

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How Do You Travel with a Weighted Blanket?

As stated above, a weighted blanket is heavy and bulky, making it impractical to pack or carry one when you need to go away from home.

This can be a real problem for people who depend on these products for better sleep and less anxiety. For many parents, a weighted blanket is essential for their child and can’t be left behind.

So, here are some suggestions for getting around this problem:

Use a Weighted Lap Pad

If it works equally well for you or your child, use a weighted lap pad to drape over your lap or shoulders for a comforting pressure.

Weighted lap pads are smaller and lighter, making them easier to pack, handle, and carry when you’re on the go away from home.

Use a Weighted Toy

Again, if a weighted toy has the same benefits as a weighted blanket, it is a much more portable product to carry on a trip.

Cropped close-up image of child cuddling a stuffed teddy bear on their lap.

Children are often attached to these toys and some will accept them as a substitute for a weighted blanket at night. You’ll need to weigh the benefits against the convenience of a smaller product in your situation.

A Small-Sized Weighted Blanket

Many manufacturers offer weighted blankets in sizes as small as 3, 5, or 7 pounds, and in smaller dimensions. These may not offer the same amount of pressure as a full-size product, but they might get you through a journey.

MAXTID has a travel weighted blanket specifically designed to be more portable for travel. It is 8 pounds and 23 inches x 39 inches, making it slightly larger than most weighted lap pads.

It is soft and cuddly and a good size to drape over the legs and torso in a car, on a plane, or in a hotel bed at night.

Along these lines, you can also use a regular weighted blanket in a smaller size. It would work the same as the travel blanket highlighted above. Toddler-sized weighted blankets would be a good place to start.

Use Other Sleep Products

If you get good benefits from other sleep products like a sleep eye mask, you may be able to make do with something portable like that for the length of your trip.

Use a Carry Bag with Handles

Another tip for travel is to use a weighted blanket that has a travel bag with handles. But, you don’t need to buy a new one; you can just use a shopping bag or gym bag with handles to put the blanket in before you leave home.

Handles make it easier to transport the bulky blanket as you make your way by car, bus, train, or plane to your destination.

Speaking of planes, there are some special things to consider if you plan to fly. We’ll look at that in the next section.

Flying with a Weighted Blanket

In this age of heightened airport security, it’s difficult to get definite answers as to whether your weighted blanket will be allowed through security if you want to add yours to your carry-on luggage.

A large crowd with lineups at an airport security and check in area.

Another thing to consider if you fly is that if you pack the weighted blanket in your checked baggage it could push the weight over the amount allowed.

According to Travel on the Fly, there are some things you can do to help with getting your weighted blanket through security:

  • It’s probably a good idea to call ahead and see if you can get accurate information on this issue.
  • Bring along proof of purchase that shows you purchased and own the product.
  • If possible bring samples of the materials in the blanket, such as the pellets and inner fabrics.
  • You could also try getting a certificate or letter from your physician stating that the blanket is a medical necessity.

Air travel is not necessarily out with a weighted blanket, but you may need to plan more carefully and pay strict attention to current guidelines.

Other Considerations for Weighted Blanket Travel

Other things that you may want to consider if you plan to travel with a weighted blanket include:

Cleaning the Weighted Blanket

How easy will it be to get it cleaned if it gets stained or soiled? One solution is to make sure you have one with a removable duvet cover. The cover would be much easier to remove and clean.

Open washing machine with hands putting blue sheets inside.

This is also an argument for taking a smaller item like a weighted lap pad, weighted toy, or other sleep aid that works well for you.

Sleeping Arrangements

Another thing to consider is what the sleeping arrangements will be at your destination. Will people have to share beds?

This might matter if one person needs to use a weighted blanket and the other doesn’t. You’ll want to figure out how to accommodate the blanket for the person who needs it.

There are several things to consider if you travel with a weighted blanket. Consider all the options and work out the scenario that works best for you or your child in your circumstances.

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