Health Effects of Poor Quality Mattress

Health Effects of Poor Quality Mattress

Did you know that a poor-quality mattress can significantly damage your health? When subjecting your tired body to poor-quality mattresses, you regularly deprive yourself of a restful and qualitative night of sleep.

With time, this will keep diminishing the essential resources inside your body, which it needs to stay healthy and perform optimally. Additionally, poor-quality mattresses also contribute to back pains and affect your posture.

A poor-quality mattress can have numerous adverse effects on one’s health. Let’s take a look at some of the signs of an ill-performing mattress below:

1. Allergies

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We often think pollen and dust contribute to our allergy attacks, such as respiratory issues, sneezing, sniffling, a runny nose, and coughing fits. At times, we may not know, but a mattress can have fecal waste and dust mites. These could be why you’re suffering from allergy attacks you never had before.

Dust mites are microscopic creatures. While it’s a blessing in disguise that we can’t see them with the naked eye, it’s also a disadvantage. They tend to leave piles of gross waste material, which can cause rashes, allergies, skin problems, and respiratory problems.

Poor quality mattresses often don’t have fabric resistant to germs, mites, and other microscopic breeding species. The cheaper fabric quickly falls victim to these infestations, leading to you developing health problems you never had before.

An easy solution for this is to opt for a higher-quality mattress that is resistant to allergens, such as hybrid, memory foam, or latex mattresses. Also, make sure to keep your mattress clean; vacuuming your mattress is the best way to get rid of allergens, including dander, dust mites, and other microbes.

2. Sleeping Difficulty or Insomnia 62bbf69d54476

Poor quality mattresses can negatively affect your beauty sleep. In fact, with regular disturbance in your sleeping cycles, you can become an insomniac. We all know how important restful sleep is every night.

It helps our body recover and rest, which are necessary to function well and stay healthy. By constantly losing sleep due to poor quality mattresses, your body starts losing energy, weakening the essential resource of the immune system.

3. Uneven Spine 62bbf6cadc7ff

Poor quality mattresses start sagging soon after use and do not do a good job of supporting your body weight. With time, a continuous lack of sufficient support for your body as you sleep will result in imbalanced spinal support.

Consequently, this will also lead to pressure on your neck and back as you continue sleeping on the poorly-performing mattress. One way to assess whether your mattress affects your spine is to look for indentations each morning after you wake up.

If you note permanent indentations in the mattress from your body, it is a clear sign that you need to replace your mattress ASAP.

4. Persistent Body Aches 62bbf703cfd19

Have you suddenly started feeling persistent or unrelenting aches and pains in various parts of your body? Did you never have this problem before but only developed it since you started using the new mattress?

Then it is very likely that your aches are a result of poor-quality mattresses. Often we brush off body pains as a result of sleeping in an uncomfortable position on the bed. It is often not the sleeping position but the quality of the mattress itself that is responsible for the pains.

An aging mattress can start to sag with time, especially if it features poor quality materials and structure. One way to assess whether the new mattress is responsible is to look for curved shapes in the center. If your mattress sports a hole-like structure in the middle, it is a poor-quality mattress doing more harm to your body than good.

5. Low Energy 62bbf73372177

Do you wake up feeling tired or low on energy even after getting the recommended eight hours? This is a common feeling among people who sleep on poor-quality mattresses. Even after sleeping for eight hours straight, you will wake up feeling dull and low because the mattress did not provide quality sleep.

Secondly, poor-quality mattresses lack hygiene, which could add to your lethargy and poor disposition. While it is true that multiple factors affect the quality of a person’s sleep, such as diet and exercise, bad mattresses can also play a significant part.

If you keep tossing and turning in your sleep, it could be the lack of supportive, comfortable, and cozy corners in your poor-quality mattresses.

6. Increases Stress 62bbf765077e0

Did you know that scientific research proves that poor-quality mattresses causing sleep problems can also increase stress levels? A study was conducted which involved a group of participants sleeping on poor-quality mattresses for a month. After a month, the same group of participants slept on premium-quality mattresses for another month. At the end of the research, the teams compared the data and found something significant.

The cortisol levels, which indicate how stressed a person is, dropped quite drastically by the second month. If you feel you have become crankier, moodier, and generally feel stressed and agitated most of the time, perhaps you need to change your mattress.

A high-quality mattress of a good brand is also a good investment since it will preserve and improve your health without needing a replacement for a long time.

7. Snoring Problems 62bbf7a162319
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Have you suddenly become a snorer? Has your partner started complaining of your annoying snoring sounds at night, which they never experienced before? People often blame their pillows for their snoring habits, but the real culprit is often the poor quality of the mattresses.

If you have changed your pillow but continue to snore, you must replace the bad mattress with a better one. A good quality mattress will support your body comfortably and allow air to pass through. This will significantly improve your snoring problems.

Final Thoughts

Poor quality mattresses can lead to a person developing multiple health problems, which can worsen with time or with continued use of the bad mattress. From allergic attacks, skin reactions, and respiratory issues to chronic back pains, crooked spines, and increased stress, poor quality mattresses can be responsible for many serious problems you face.

While the investment in a premium-quality high-end brand may be expensive, it is a one-time investment worth your money. From better health to increased comfort and support, your sleep and health will blossom with a quality mattress.

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