Weighted Blanket loved by Celebrities & Well Known Athletes

Weighted Blanket loved by Celebrities & Well Known Athletes

Generally, people associate blankets with cold and inclement weather. However, blankets can also offer you a range of other benefits. Wondering what type of blankets can be used more than just to warm up your body? Well, weighted blankets are the best option. Due to their impressive advantages and impeccable nature, many celebrities and athletes have started using them.

But how have these blankets helped them? Read the article further to get the answer.

Why are Athletes using Weighted blankets?

Well-known athletes are seen endorsing the benefits of weighted blankets. This is because these blankets help you speed up athletic recovery. Rich Roll shared his experience with weighted blankets in one podcast. He said, “This product has literally changed my life.” Also, he said that these blankets have helped him sleep quickly and for a longer time. When you use your muscles and have pushed them to the max, they need rest. However, they can’t rest if you toss and turn in bed continuously due to discomfort and stress.

Rich Roll: Yeah. It’s like I’m being protected. It’s like telling my sympathetic nervous system that I’m safe. And I believe I could be wrong, but I believe that that was the original use case for the gravity blanket to treat people with autism who have trouble calming down and it had this impact of soothing them. And that’s certainly been my experience using it and I love it.

— Rich Roll, Athelete

A weighted blanket helps you get a restful and comfortable good night’s sleep. This way, you will be able to heal your tissues and muscles during the night. If your Cross Fit and HIIT workouts are tiring you or leaving you sore, you need your own weighted blankets to resolve the problem.

Because of their exceptional benefits, many popular athletes are using these blankets to get rid of pain and soreness after the game. Generally, they opt for blankets to reduce soreness and aches. Since athletes usually have to participate in games, weighted blankets like glass bead blankets can offer them fast recovery and an energetic body to win consecutive matches.

So it’s undeniably something other than a prevailing fashion; weighted covers are an out and out pattern since main concern they work. Assuming you’re getting up throbbing, sore, or testy, get yourself a weighted cover today. Your body will recuperate quicker, your psyche will be more honed, and everybody around you will much obliged.

Why are Celebrities Using Weighted blankets?

Celebrities like Jordon Rodgers, Jojo Fletcher, and Kourtney Kardashian have shared their opinion about weighted blankets on different platforms. In fact, BlanQuil shared a post from Jojo Fletcher using the weighted blanket and also quoted her: “Honestly a game-changer.” Besides these celebrities, several other popular stars have claimed that weighted blankets are their secret weapon for making nighttime more comfortable. In fact, the most popular blanket, BlanQuil, has a big celebrity fan base.

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Like athletes, celebrities have to work throughout the day. They have to do promotions, attend different events, travel regularly, and attend shoots. All this work can make their body ache and sore, preventing them from their regular activities or looking fresh and active during the film shoots. To reduce the impact of a hectic day, many celebrities take body massages and hot baths.

However, these things require time and don’t offer you the results you are looking for. This is why they need something that can easily release their stress and makes them active and fresh without wasting more time and energy. In this case, a weighted blanket is a perfect option for celebrities.

The only thing they need to do to enjoy its benefits is sleep with it. Not only do celebrities get ready the next day to win the hearts of their followers, but they will also get the best sleep of their life.

How does a Weighted Blanket Work?

Weighted blankets were inspired by a therapeutic technique known as deep pressure stimulation. This method uses firm, controlled pressure to make you feel calm.

By filling any heavy material, these blankets get the extra heft that makes them different from standard blankets. Due to their additional weight, these blankets are more cozy and warm. There are also many cooler versions that are breathable, making them perfect to use on warmer days.

The reason to add weights to the blanket is that it promotes melatonin (a sleep hormone) in your body when you put it on your body. Some health professionals also claim that these blankets can stimulate hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine- associated with happiness.

Additionally, weighted blankets can also reduce the development of cortisol in your body. All these benefits help you get rid of anxiety and stress and get a relaxing night’s sleep. So, when an adult gets essential 7 to 9 hours of sleep, they can prevent or reduce several mental and physical problems. This includes anxiety, depression, body pain, and soreness.

Can You Use Weighted Blankets?

Yes, anyone who is struggling to get a good night’s sleep can purchase weighted blankets. These blankets are safe for most adults. But if you have any medical problems, like circulatory or respiratory issues, you need to consult a health expert before using it. This is because the pressure of these blankets can be problematic for people with low blood pressure, asthma, and type 2 diabetes.

Apart from this, adults with mobility problems might also struggle to get off the blanket from themselves. Also, if you have claustrophobia, you might find glass beads blankets and plastic poly pellets blankets too confining. Hence, if you are struggling with the mentioned health problems, ask your doctor whether you can use it or not.

But if you are a fully healthy and active person, don’t wait and purchase weighted blankets to enjoy comfortable sleep regularly.


Weighted blankets have theopathic effects that can help anyone struggling to get good and deep sleep. The fillers in these blankets put a little amount of pressure on your body that stimulates the growth of hormones that reduces stress and anxiety. It also helps reduce pain and soreness so that you wake up the next day with a fresh mind and active body.

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