How to Store a Weighted Blanket

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While many people find them an excellent investment, weighted blankets can be heavy and cumbersome to handle when washing or storing them. In this post, we’ll give you 5 ideas for how to store a weighted blanket during those times when you don’t use it.

But before you store it, you’ll need to fold it.

How to Fold a Weighted Blanket

The first problem most people run into with weighted blankets is how to fold them. They can be very awkward to maneuver.

Don’t Hold It Up to Fold It

With all that heavy weight (sometimes as much as 25-30 pounds),  it’s not a good idea to try and hold it up while you fold it. Plus, they tend to slide around and act much like trying to fold a large piece of jelly pudding.

Lay It Flat on the Bed First

The approach we take with our son’s blanket is to make it lie down first. We spread it out on the bed, and then we walk around the bed and fold one of the sides over to meet the other side.

We continue to do that until it’s in a fairly rectangular box shape and can be lifted by sliding two arms underneath.

The Floor Is an Option, But…

You could also do this by spreading it out on the floor, but it may get dirty, and you don’t want to deal with cleaning it any more than is necessary. You are also lifting the heavy weight from a lower position if you lift from floor level which can create a strain on your body.

Now, where to put the weighted blanket if it’s not in use?

How to Store a Weighted Blanket

Below we’ve provided 5 suggestions for storing your weighted blanket when it isn’t in use:

1. Leave It On the Foot of the Bed

To be honest, in our son’s room, the best place to leave the blanket is folded across the foot of the bed. It’s easy to access when he wants to pull it over himself during sleep. And the YnM Kids Weighted Blanket that he uses just looks like a regular part of the bed linens. It isn’t out of place at all.

Many of the weighted blankets available now have quite a selection of styles and designs to choose from in the blankets and the covers, so they can match most décor if left on the bed permanently.

However if you want to store it somewhere else while it’s not being used, there are several nice ideas for doing that.

2. In a Dresser Drawer

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If you have the available space and a nice large cabinet in the bedroom, one place to keep your weighted blanket is in a dresser drawer.

Most blankets will fit nicely after you’ve folded it into a rectangular shape, especially the smaller sizes.

If you fold it on the bed and use a drawer that’s higher up, you’ll avoid having to bend and lift the heavier weight which could cause back strain.

3. On a Shelf

As with a dresser drawer, if you have shelving that is large and sturdy, you can fold it and place it on a middle shelf for easy access. Using a middle shelf keeps it at a good height to avoid lifting or having it fall over anyone.

The shelving would need to be firmly supported and anchored to deal with the heavier weight of the blanket. You don’t want a bookcase toppling over and hurting people.

Shelving in a large linen closet would work the same as shelving in the bedroom.

4. A Blanket Chest

If you have a large blanket chest, the weighted blanket can be folded and stored out of sight, like any other coverings, when not in use.

Keep in mind that if the chest is on the floor, you’ll have to lift the blanket from a lower position. However laying it on top of the chest can solve that issue. But you’d have to move it to reach other blankets inside.

5. A Large Basket on the Floor

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Similar to a blanket chest, you can place a large decorative basket in the bedroom and put the blanket in it when you’re not using it.

In this case, you could probably do away with folding if you wanted to, and just push it into the basket as it is. Being the sole occupant of the basket, it probably wouldn’t look messy contained that way.

Again, like the blanket chest, using a basket on the floor will mean lifting from a lower position. You’ll need to decide if this is a good idea for you but using handles could make it easier.

Precautions with Smaller Children and Pets

No matter how you decide to store your weighted blanket, use caution if there are small children or pets sharing the home. They both love to play with blankets and these products can be very heavy.

If you store it at any height, make sure children or furry friends can’t pull it down on top of themselves. The safest place for the weighted blanket if this is the case in your house is to probably just leave it on the bed.

These are some suggestions for storing a weighted blanket when it’s not being used. In reality, they tend to spend most of the time on the bed or sliding to the floor if pushed to the edge.

And like most bed coverings, they need to be straightened and rearranged regularly, which is part of daily routine.

If you do need to store one between uses, keep in mind that they are heavy and bulky, taking up more space than a regular blanket. Take care with lifting and choose the storage wisely if there are kids or pets in the home.

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