Best types of Mattresses for Relief From Back Pain

Best types of Mattresses for Relief From Back Pain

Most people experience back pain during their lives due to their demanding work schedules or inappropriate mattress. Back pain starts as muscle strain, but it can become persistent and chronic if you fail to give them proper attention. 

Work conditions and sitting arrangements are a significant reason people suffer from back pain, but an even bigger reason is the mattress they use. Using a mattress that doesn’t help with spine alignment and your back pain is not the right type of mattress for you. 

There are several types of mattresses on the market, and there’s no one-size-fits-all type. Every person chooses a mattress while keeping their own requirements, preferences, and medical needs in mind. 

Things to CONSIDER before buying a mattress for Back Pain

If you’re looking for the best mattress to ease your back pain and relieve muscle strain, you must keep a few things in mind before buying a mattress. You’ll need to consider a few things regarding your pain and preference, some of which include:

Personal Preference 

There’s no single mattress that meets everyone’s requirements. Some people prefer a firm surface, while others find a soft surface more suitable. If you’re suffering from back pain, the first thing to consider is the pain you feel. 

You must look for a mattress that can relieve your pain and ensure restful sleep so you can feel energized and refreshed.  

Components of a Mattress

You should thoroughly check all the components of your mattress. If a mattress has coils and innerspring, you need to know how many there are and in what arrangement. 

The sheets above the coils are also layers consisting of foam and padding, and you should also ask about their depth. The coils and layers of foam both work hand-in-hand to provide the perfect relief and comfort from back pain.

A Mattress with Back Support

A good mattress’s biggest duty is to provide essential support to your body. Mattresses primarily consist of materials and components to support your body and back at night. It should give equal body weight distribution on the surface and proper support with spinal alignment to prevent any discomfort or pain afterward. 

A Mattress with Comfort

Comfort is essential to wake up feeling well-rested, but so is adequate support for your back. If the mattress doesn’t provide your back with proper support, sleeping on it may worsen your back pain.  

Keeping in mind all these considerations, you’ll be able to find the right mattress. However, many studies suggest that the best type of mattress for back pain is Medium-Firm. A medium-firm mattress is firm enough, so you don’t sink into the mattress and soft enough so it doesn’t hurt your muscles. 

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Medium Firm Mattress 

Medium-firm mattresses offer a great combination. If you experience recurring back pain due to your routine, job, or posture, you need a different mattress than everyone else. Your back needs firmness for proper spine alignment, but it also needs compression so the mattress contours according to your curves. Let us see now why medium-firm mattresses work best for back pain. 

Pressure points 

If you go for a firm mattress, it may be too stiff for your pressure points. Pressure points include the shoulders and hips; a firm mattress can prevent them from relieving the built-in tension. Thus, causing more pain to your body. 

In contrast to this, a medium-firm mattress will gently massage your pressure points to relieve the built-up tension. The softness will compress under your pressure points, while the firmness ensures that you lay on a straight surface for better spinal alignment. 

Spinal Alignment

Our spine naturally curves, so getting a softer mattress will only make it curve further. This is bad news for your spine. A soft mattress may disrupt your spinal alignment

 and exacerbate your back pain.  

In this regard, a medium-firm mattress is the best option because it provides the required cushion-like firmness to your spine. It’s not too hard to sleep on and not so soft that you sink into the mattress. 


If you suffer from constant backache, a firm mattress may not be the right option because of its stiffness and how sensitive your back is. A mattress should be very comfortable for you. A medium-firm mattress, in this regard, serves the purpose here as it provides soft cushioning to your sore muscles. 

On the other hand, it also ensures a straight surface to improve spinal alignment when sleeping on your back. The blend of softness and firmness allows for relaxing and uninterrupted sleep, even if you switch positions in your sleep.  


Earlier studies show that a firm mattress is appropriate for every person experiencing back pain. However, this isn’t an entirely accurate idea, as studies show that medium-firm is a better choice for people suffering from back pain.  

We hope this guide helped you understand why a medium-firm mattress is the best kind for back pain. When buying a mattress, remember your preferences and requirements so that you don’t miss out on anything when purchasing such an essential product for yourself. 

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