The YnM weighted blanket is a best seller and one of the most popular on the market. There are many reasons for this popularity, including affordability, size-selection, style options, and the cooling effect.

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In recent times, YnM has made improvements to its products, plus they’ve introduced several new additions to their lineup, which makes them a top player in the market.

In this post, we’ll give you information on YnM basic weighted blankets, separate covers, the sets that include removable covers, and the cooling weighted blanket.

Learn what you need to know about a manufacturer that can help you get better sleep and enjoy the benefits of good rest.

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YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM weighted blankets have a good selection of sizes for the whole family, including adults and children. The weighted inner blanket is available in cotton, bamboo, or Minky, and has plenty of color and design options.

If you buy the basic blanket, the removable duvet covers are sold separately. However, YnM has economical weighted blanket sets (see below) that include both cooling and warm removable covers for easier care and maintenance.

Features of the YnM Weighted Blankets

Some of the many excellent features of YnM weighted blankets include:

A Wide Range of Sizes

YnM has a large range of weighted blankets sizes, going from 5 pounds up to 30 pounds, with dimensions of 36 inches x 48 inches up to 80 inches x 87 inches.

A 7-Layer Design for Comfort

As with many of the other quality weighted blankets, YnM has a 7-layer design built in. The multiple layers of breathable material provide comfort, padding, even weight distribution, and protection for the glass beads.

Glass Beads for Weight Sewn into Small Pockets

As is common with other products, YnM uses hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and odorless glass beads to provide the weight of the inner blanket.

They are sewn into small pockets to reduce bead movement and shifting. The seams are sewn in a sturdy way to avoid leakage and wear and tear.

Glass beads don’t retain heat, so they also add to more comfort with less heat buildup. It’s a plus for hot sleepers, people in menopause, and warmer weather.

Breathable Fabric for Less Heat

There are several layers of breathable fabric used in the YnM weighted blanket. This form of construction helps to regulate body temperature. YnM uses Oeko-Tex certified fabric for its weighted blankets.

With the certification, you’ll know there aren’t any harmful chemicals present. It’s important, but also a plus for people with sensitivities.


With the basic inner blanket, the removable covers are sold separately. However, we’ve highlighted the sets below which do include removable duvet covers.

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YnM Weighted Blanket Removable Duvet Covers

YnM does have removable duvet covers that are sold separately for the basic inner weighted blanket (highlighted above) and bamboo cooling weighted blankets (highlighted below the sets).

These duvet covers come in a good variety of colors, patterns, and designs to suit adults, kids, or your decor preferences. They come in plush Minky, soft cotton, or cool bamboo.

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YnM Weighted Blanket Sets

As we referred to above, YnM weighted blankets also come in economical sets that include the removable covers. The inner weighted blanket has all the same quality features, but it comes with the 2 removable duvet covers.

Includes 2 Removable Duvet Covers

One of the duvet covers is plush Minky for staying warmer, and the other removable cover is what they call Ice Fiber Cool. It’s constructed with premium cotton and is a good choice for hot sleepers.

A Good Selection of Color Choices

The YnM weighted blanket sets include a good choice of color options, so it’s easier if you want to match your decor or go with a favorite design.

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YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

For the hot sleepers, YnM also has a cooling weighted blanket. The outer layer is constructed with bamboo viscose, keeping it cool to the touch and it has anti-bacterial properties.

Bamboo is also moisture-wicking to keep you drier, and it helps to reduce heat buildup during the night. It all contributes to a better night’s sleep.

This cooling blanket also contains honeycomb fabrics that help wick moisture away from the body and they are breathable.

Unlike the plastic pellets commonly used in many weighted blankets, this product uses glass beads that keep the blanket cooler.

There is also an impressive range of sizes to suit the needs of most adults, teens, and kids.

If you want to use the YnM cooling weighted blanket with a duvet cover, they do have bamboo duvet covers available separately. Or, if you live where there are cold winters, you could buy a Minky cover for more warmth at that time of year.

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When it comes to sizing your weighted blanket, make sure that you look for one that just covers your body. The weighted blankets are not supposed to cover the whole mattress or hang down over the sides of the bed.

Hanging down the sides can throw off the weight distribution and it can cause it to slide off the bed. Keep it covering just your body for the best benefits.

YnM provides quality and affordable weighted blankets for the whole family. They’re a good choice for all times of the year and different climates.

You can buy one alone or add a removable duvet cover to protect your investment. And, you could always choose an economical set for better sleep.

If you live in Canada, see our review post for the YnM Weighted Blanket in Canada.

22 thoughts on “YnM Weighted Blanket Review”

  1. Great review! Sorry if this might be a little bit of a stupid question, but what’s the difference between a weighted blanket and a regular blanket? I’ve actually never heard of a weighted blanket in my entire life. How does it perform in a cold environment? I live in Canada, and in the winter I always slept better when I had a thick warm blanket covering me up. I’m interested in learning more on how a weighted blanket can help me, though!

    1. Hi Kevin;

      A weighted blanket has weight added to it to produce an effect called deep touch pressure. It helps to release more serotonin, which is the hormone that helps us to feel happy and relaxed. Many people find that sleeping under one of these blankets helps them to get better sleep and experience less anxiety.

      You can read more about weighted blankets in our guide that covers many aspects of these products.

      All the best to you,

  2. Though I wouldn’t know about the quality of the ynm I trust the review here and this blanket looks good for summer, in my country it’s so hot here even during the night. I like the fact that these weighted blankets are recommended for good health. My greatest concerns goes to the price o may have to pay for the shipping to my country. I’m in South Africa and I just checked the shipping cost is quite too high, higher than the price itself. I guess I may have to look for a local online store or something like that. Thank you

    1. Hi Donny;

      I would suggest you do a search for stores in your area that sell weighted blankets so you could avoid the online shipping costs.

      Best to you,

  3. Iheanacho David

    Nice. I have been looking for reviews on weighted blankets, and I like the information on the YnM product. Please, can you tell me the best way I can wash and take care of my weighted blanket when I get one. I want to preserve it and keep it clean and in good shape.

    1. Yes, the YnM weighted blanket is a quality product, but you’ll need to clean it and take care of it. The best thing to do is read the manufacturers instructions that come with the product. But, we also have a general post about taking care of weighted blankets. You may find that helpful to avoid extra wear and tear, too.


  4. Thanks for the nicely written review of the YnM Weighted Blanket. You mentioned some valid reasons to choose this particular product. I can see that the most important features to look for before buying this kind of blanket are the quality of the fabrics used and the kind of weight, such as glass beads. I would consider the YnM weighted blanket and will add it to my options for consideration.

    1. Yes, the YnM weighted blanket is a quality product with a lot of choices for sizes, colors, and options with the product, such as the cooling version.

      We hope you find a weighted blanket that suits your needs and helps with better sleep.

  5. Thank you Stella for the post.

    It is very interesting to learn that with some extra weight on our body at night, more happy hormones could be produced. It was mentioned that we should look for one which only covers our body, yet I guess for a couple it still works if they choose to share one with an appropriate size (enough to cover two and not too big compared to the bed size)? Much appreciated your help Stella.


    1. We’re glad the post was helpful for you. There are pros and cons to sharing a large weighted blanket. You can read our post about weighted blankets for couples to get more info on that. It will help with your decision if you’re thinking about going that route.


  6. The YnM weighted blanket seems really nice and I like the features you describe here. A good range of sizes, the 7 layer design, and glass beads in small pockets, plus breathable material make it sound like a good choice. I’m so getting this blanket to help with my sleep issues. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, next to the one we chose for our son, YnM would be our top choice. It has a lot of quality features and they’ve really expanded their line to include many options, including cooling weighted blankets and sets that come with removable duvet covers to make cleaning easier.


  7. Weighted Blankets are making their way into the general public more and more all the time. Even though you haven’t listed all the possible benefits of these blankets, I’ve read that they can help will many chronic issues and psychological issues as well. I also like the fact that YnM does not use any toxic chemicals to make these blankets. It’s a winner for me.

  8. I hadn´t heard of a weighted blanket before but the idea seems excellent.  I´m sure there must be so many people with sleep issues and anything that helps must be of great benefit to them. 

    I liked the fact that you mentioned the different types of materials in weighted blankets and I reckon I´d prefer glass beads to plastic beads as glass is a more natural material and I´d go for the bamboo viscose as well if I was a hot sleeper. 

    Your explanation of the blanket as a single person item and how to choose the correct size was very helpful.  When we think of blankets we usually think of the size of the bed, not our own size.  Highlighting that there is a good choice of colours to match with different room decoration was a good point to make. 

    Having got me interested I did have a look at the Amazon site using the link and I thought the item was well priced.  Thanks for educating me.  Stephen.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Stephen.

      Yes, the YnM weighted blanket is a quality product with many excellent features. And, you’re right about sizing. It’s very important with weighted blankets to think in terms of your physical size and not the dimensions of the bed.


  9. As I go back to college soon, I’m leaving my favorite, thickest blanket with my cat since she likes it so much and I won’t be home to hang out with her. This means I am in the market for a new blanket, and I was thinking about getting a weighted one. I know I’ll definitely want to go with the the cooling one because I tend to sleep warm. Thanks for introducing me to this product. It’s going to save me from a lot of sleepless nights!

  10. This is a great review!  It really helped me out.  I was very skeptical of weighted blankets until I spent the night at my boyfriends house and he made me use his!  Now I am in the market for my own.  I love that these have removable covers!  Thank you for the review!


  11. Thanks for this review because I have actually been thinking about getting a new weighted blanket. I’ve been searching for a reliable company to go with and this seems like I have found what I have been looking for. I have gone through this review and you are right as it is a very popular product as it seems a lot of people have made use of it with so many reviews on amazon. 

    A weighted blanket I have been using has a tendency to always heat up. I guess I did not research it before getting it and just went with my gut. It seems these guys have that heat effect under control at least to an extent. This would be of great help if I get this as I would be able to get better sleep.

    1. Yes, YnM has a good cooling weighted blanket option and a separate removable bamboo duvet cover that is also cooling. They have made many positive improvements to their products and the options they offer.

      However, you may not need to buy a new blanket if you can find ways to stay cooler under your current product. We have a post about using a weighted blanket in summer that you may find helpful.


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