What about a Weighted Blanket and Pregnancy?

What about a Weighted Blanket and Pregnancy?

You’re pregnant and sleep is becoming an issue. Using a weighted blanket at night for better rest could be the answer to your problem. So let’s take a look at the best weighted blanket for pregnancy and what the benefits are for mothers-to-be using one of these products.

Plus, we’ll outline any known risks and what the cautions are for using one of these heavy blankets at this important time.

The Best Weighted Blanket for Pregnancy

If you decide to go with using a weighted blanket during pregnancy, choosing which brand to go with is the next question. There are many on the market.

Recommended Weight

But first, the recommended weight of the blanket you choose is meant to be roughly 10% of your body weight. This aspect could get tricky with the ever-increasing weight that the baby brings to the equation.

A Suggestion for Choosing the Weight of the Blanket

One suggestion is to make your calculation based on your pre-pregnancy weight so that the blanket isn’t too heavy or uncomfortable. Also, if you enjoy the benefits of the weighted blanket at this time, you can continue to use the same blanket after the baby is born.

A Cooling Weighted Blanket for Pregnancy

Many women experience sweats and increased body heat during their pregnancy. If this is the case for you, a cooling weighted blanket may prove the best choice.

Our cousin is a hot sleeper and she chose the Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket. Each blanket has five layers put together with the purpose of keeping the blanket cool to touch by optimizing airflow.

This affordable blanket is very adjustable for the needs of pregnancy and beyond, and it’s a good choice if you find yourself feeling warm at night.

The Research for Weighted Blankets and Pregnancy

Featured Image 1dea5d64 711b 4095 Ad8f E0827ab8f8ac 1024x 300x300There isn’t a lot of research out there on weighted blankets at this time, and none specifically targeting their use during pregnancy.

However, available research has shown positive results, with the people who use them reporting many benefits, including improved ability to relax and better sleep.

The bulk of the recommendations come from professionals who see improvement when their patients or clients use weighted blankets, and from consumers themselves who benefit from using these products.

So why should you consider using a weighted blanket during pregnancy? Well the science behind their use will provide the answer to the potential benefits.

The Science Behind Weighted Blankets

The science behind weighted blankets involves their use of deep pressure stimulation (DPS), which is what the extra weight on the body does.

It’s compared to the same results as receiving a gentle, but firm hug. And you may be familiar with the relaxed sensation of waking up under a pile of heavy blankets on a cold winter morning.

DPS Benefits

Deep pressure stimulation is known to provide many potential benefits, including:

  • A sense of calm that can last up to a few hours after therapy
  • Decreased anxiety when practiced regularly
  • Increased happiness
  • Improved social interactions
  • Increased communicativeness
  • Better sleep
  • Improved focus
  • Lowered hypersensitivity to touch

And so despite the absence of studies specifically focused on weighted blankets and pregnancy in particular, it’s easy to see why many people find their use beneficial for overall health and well-being.

It’s logical to conclude that pregnant women could get the same benefits as other people when they add a weighted blanket to their self-care sleep routine.

A Weighted Blanket and Pregnancy

So can you use a weighted blanket while pregnant? The short answer is yes, some women do, and they find it beneficial.

A Natural Way to Ease Discomfort

For many, it’s a natural way to ease some of the discomforts that come with carrying a child. Mothers-to-be are generally keen to find safe and natural ways of dealing with their discomforts.

There are some cautions to take into consideration and you can check those out in the section about risks farther along in this post.

So let’s take a look at the potential benefits of using a weighted blanket during pregnancy:

1. Less Anxiety

The deep pressure touch therapy of a weighted blanket is believed to produce more serotonin, (the feel-good hormone) which helps to control cortisol (the stress hormone). It is also reputed to increase feelings of being safe and secure.

Calm Fluctuating Hormones

During pregnancy, the increase and fluctuation of hormones, plus many new emotions, can create anxiety and distress.

Using the calming effect of a weighted blanket is a good way to reduce those unsettling feelings and enjoy better emotional health during pregnancy.

2. Better Sleep

Sleep disruption is definitely a problem for many women at various points in their pregnancy, whether from sickness in the early stages or the added weight later on.

Fall Asleep Faster, Sleep Longer

Weighted blankets are used by many people to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and deeper. Getting adequate rest is important for mother and baby, so using one of these blankets could ensure a good night’s sleep.

As the pregnancy progresses, some women feel they have less energy. Getting enough quality sleep becomes vital to coping with daily activities, especially the care of other children.

3. Reduce General Aches and Pains

With the added weight and changes in the body during pregnancy, many women experience aches and pains they didn’t have before.

A Gentle Massage

Sleeping under the gentle massaging effect of a weighted blanket may reduce some of these discomforts and increase the quality of movement throughout the day. Anything that supports the feelings of wellness for expectant mothers will allow them to enjoy their pregnancy that much more.

The Risks of a Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy

So are there any inherent risks associated with using a weighted blanket during pregnancy?

Always Check with Your Doctor

The final answer to that question will rest with you and your physician. Every woman’s situation could be very different during pregnancy. Using any new product during pregnancy, even a completely natural one should only be undertaken on the advice of your health care professional.

1. Be Cautious with Babies and Pets

In general, there aren’t any warnings against using weighted blankets. However it is a common recommendation that they are NOT to be used for babies and anyone who cannot easily remove them alone.

Take More Care with Small Children and Pets

If the pregnant mother is sleeping with a younger child, this would need to be considered before adding a weighted blanket to the sleeping arrangements. It’s also a good idea to be cautious if you have pets who share the bed.

2. Check Out the Materials

Another consideration would be the materials used in the manufacture of the weighted blanket.

Use Caution with Sensitivities

If the mother has any sensitivities or concerns about the quality of materials, the blanket would need to be researched carefully to make sure it meets her needs safely.

Choose Quality Materials

Some manufacturers do make a point of using materials such as organic cotton and bamboo, as well as hypoallergenic glass beads that are odorless and non-toxic. OEKO-TEX 100 certification is one of the most trusted certifications in the world. They test raw materials, intermediate and end products (at all stages of production) for harmful substances.

You and your doctor should best decide if there are any particular concerns for you around using one of these products.

Final Thoughts about a Weighted Blanket and Pregnancy

The use of a weighted blanket comes down to the personal choice of care during pregnancy and consultation with your medical support.

Make the Best Choice for You and Baby

Consultation with your doctor and research into available products will determine the best way forward for you.

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