There are several good quality cooling weighted blankets on the market for use by hot sleepers or during the warmer times of the year, like summer months.

Woman trying to sleep with covers thrown off

We have reviews of two top-rated quality weighted blankets that have cooling features:

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket Review

YnM Weighted Blanket Review

The Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket uses Coolmax technology to provide a removable cooling cover for less heat.

The Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket is the one we chose for our son, who is a hot sleeper and needed the cooling technology for a comfortable sleep.

His weighted blanket has helped him with anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia, and made a difference to the quality of his life.

Boy sleeping under a weighted blanket.
Our son Matt catching a nap under his weighted blanket.

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Other weighted blankets, like the YnM products, make use of pure, natural bamboo fabric or multiple layers of cotton for a breathable product.

Glass beads for the added weight also have cooling properties and help to reduce the heat buildup of sleeping under one of these blankets.

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Sometimes the Cooling Technology Fails

However, even the best materials and most well-constructed products sometimes fail to do the job, and the user has to forfeit the benefits of using the weighted blanket by throwing it off for relief from the heat.

To avoid having to get out from under the comforting deep pressure stimulation of your favorite weighted blanket, use these 7 tips to help beat the heat and stay put for better sleep and less anxiety.

7 Tips for Weighted Blankets in Summer

Use these 7 ideas, or tweak them, for more comfort under your weighted blanket if you get hot at night or during the warmer times of the year. Our son uses many of these tips so he can stay under his weighted blanket and get the benefits. A young woman sleeping on the floor with a pillow next to the open door of the fridge.

1. Lower the Room Temperature

You’ll be less likely to get overheated under your weighted blanket if the room temperature is kept low at night. Turn down the thermostat (or turn it off) before you go to bed.

Likewise, you can turn on the air conditioning and set it to a cool temperature if you have this feature in your home.

2. Use Bamboo or Cotton Sheets

If you already own a weighted blanket and it doesn’t have a bamboo or cotton exterior fabric, you can purchase a sheet made from moisture wicking material and use it between your body and the weighted blanket.

Another idea along the same lines is to buy a weighted blanket removable cover with cooling properties that will fit your current blanket. Some are sold with the blanket as sets, but others can be bought separately.

3. Use Only the Weighted Blanket

Some people keep themselves from getting overheated by using only the weighted blanket as their covering. They don’t add any other bed linens or blankets.

This is a good way to proceed if you have a weighted blanket with a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance to protect your investment. When you want to freshen it up, take off the cover and toss it in the wash.

4. Use a Table Fan or Cooling System

Another trick to keep your body temperature down is to have a table fan directing cool air toward your face and body while you sleep. Our son is particularly fond of this method and finds the white noise of the fan helps him to stay asleep.

A woman having a hot flash using a fan to cool off.

You can also purchase a bed cooling system that sends cooling air under the weighted blanket. These products can be pricey, but some people find them to be a worthwhile investment.

5. Use Gel Cooling Mattress Toppers or Pillows

Another set of products that our son has invested in and finds helpful is to use a gel foam cooling mattress topper and a gel cooling pillow.

It’s important to find those that are comfortable and support good rest. The cooling properties of these types of products can be an aid to staying comfortable under your weighted blanket.

6. Use a Compression Sheet

For hot sleepers or warmer times of the year, some people find using a compression sheet just as beneficial as a weighted blanket without the added heat of the extra material.

Compression sheets have much less material and slip over the mattress to provide the same deep pressure stimulation as a weighted blanket.

7. Lower Your Temperature with a Cold Shower

You can also lower your body temperature before bedtime by taking a cool shower. This will help to create a longer time frame before the blanket makes you heat up again.

Woman taking a cold shower showing face and hands

Use these tips to help you stay under your weighted blanket where you’ll find relief from anxiety and get better sleep. Don’t let the heat rob you of the benefits of deep pressure stimulation.

The Best Cooling Weighted Blanket Materials

If you are still shopping for your weighted blanket and you’re concerned about being a hot sleeper or about warm temperatures in the summer, choose a cooling weighted blanket that has cooling properties and materials.

Cooling Weighted Blanket Features

Manufacturers include features such as using bamboo and cotton fabrics, several layers of breathable material, glass beads for weights, and special technologies like Coolmax to achieve a more comfortable weighted product.

Using weighted blankets in summer to help with anxiety and sleep does not necessarily mean that you’ll be too warm because the blankets are heavier.

If you’re a hot sleeper or it’s warm where you live, you can purchase a product to deal with it, and you can use the tips above to feel cooler.

10 thoughts on “Using Weighted Blankets in Summer (7 Tips)”

  1. I appreciated your article on weighted blankets.  I had to read your other post telling what weighted blankets are for, because I had not heard of them.  Now that I have, I can see that one might be helpful for me.  I’ve dealt with sleep problems the last few years because of arthritis.  I’m wondering if the weighted blanket might be helpful.

    Your post caused me to stop and remember something — When I lived on my homestead here in Alaska, where even in summer the weather is cooler, I made a bedspread out of a half-dozen sheepskins.  I had a queen-sized bed, so it had to be quite large.  That sucker was heavy!  But, you know what, I always slept well under it, and now am wondering if the weight didn’t have something to do with it.  I learned something today.

    I went back and looked again and saw that you have listed a few weighted blankets available to buy.  I might come back and look at these again soon, so I can purchase one from you and try it out

    1. Hi Fran;

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. Yes, many people find the gentle massage of deep pressure touch associated with weighted blankets good for aches and pains. And, many people find them good for sleep.

      Funny, what you said about the heavy sheepskin blanket. We noticed when our son was little, he loved to sleep under a heavy homemade quilt that my step-grandmother gave us. Turns out he does well with a weighted blanket, too.

      Yes, you can bookmark the website as a reference for later. We add new info all the time.

      Good luck with your sleep,

  2. This is a really timely article as it is about to start getting much warmer where I live. Being too hot would definitely be a big concern for me with using a weighted blanket, however the tips that you have provided would prove to be incredibly helpful! I am especially fond of using a cool shower, especially after going on a run, to lower my body temperature. Thanks for these suggestions!

    1. You’re welcome, Steve, and we hope you get great benefit from using a weighted blanket, even when it’s warm.


  3. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    Hello there! This is an awesome article you’ve got here. I’ve learnt a lot from this post that’s useful because my mom won’t buy my kid brother and I a weighted blanket. We’re hot sleepers and get too overheated at night. 

    I’ve saved this post so I can show her the tips, especially the first one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. We’re glad the tips are helpful. If you do get a weighted blanket, we hope it’s helpful for good sleep at night and doesn’t make you and your brother too warm.

  4. Thanks for sharing this article. I didn’t really know much about weighted blankets before this, but after reading this and learning that the tips can help prevent it from getting too hot at night, I’m going to try one. It might be helpful for getting good sleep and better rest, which is something I could use.

    1. We hope the tips help you with staying cooler if you get a weighted blanket. We have a post that discusses popular cooling weighted blankets that are designed to stay cooler than a regular weighted blanket. You might find one of those best for your sleep.


  5. Hi. Thanks for this article. I think my kids would benefit greatly from a weighted blanket. However we live in Jamaica so it’s hot here. Also electricity is pretty expensive so as much as possible we try not to use our air conditioning a lot and just leave the windows open and use a fan. So I’m very interested in trying to find one that would be comfortable for them. This had a lot of helpful information to help me make a decision. I had also never heard about a cooling mattress topper and I’m going to look that up right now. Shipping all this here may be expensive but it will be worth it for them to get better sleep

    1. We’re glad the information in this post was helpful for you, Natalie.
      Our son is a hot sleeper, so would be similar to trying to sleep in the heat in Jamaica.
      He uses the Degrees of Comfort set that includes a cooling cover. But it also has a fleece cover that you probably wouldn’t need at all. You might find the YnM bamboo cooling weighted blanket a better choice. These two are both covered in our post for cooling weighted blankets.
      Our son also uses a cooling pillow and cooling mattress topper, which he finds very helpful, too. But sorry, I can’t remember the brands he has in those.
      Another option you could consider is to use a compression sheet instead of a weighted blanket. They use the same principle to help with sleep, but don’t have the heavy weight. It would be a better choice for a hot climate.
      Yes, it might cost a bit to have those items shipped to Jamaica, but they do last for quite a while, so you shouldn’t have to replace them very often.
      We hope it all works out well for you. Sleep is so important.


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