There are many reasons why weighted blankets for adults have increased in popularity over the years. All of them have to do with the benefits for sleep, sensory disorders, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions.

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In this post, we’ll discuss what a weighted blanket is, provide a buyer’s guide, and reveal our top choices for adults.

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

To discuss weighted blankets for adults, it’s a good idea to know exactly what a weighted blanket is.

Not a Regular Blanket

These products are not regular blankets. They are specially constructed with extra weight sewn into the material to produce an effect known as deep touch pressure (DTP).

What DTP Does

DTP is known to help produce more serotonin and reduce anxiety, while increasing the quality of sleep. Many people use these products for various reasons, including insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, autism, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, and even just to get better rest for daily life.

Who Uses a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are used by all age groups, including adults and children, with a caution for babies under one year and anyone without the strength to manipulate it on their own. In this post, we’re focusing on appropriate options for adults.

Next, you’ll find a Buyer’s Guide to inform your decision. In the last section, you’ll find our top 3 choices for weighted blankets for adults.

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Weighted Blankets Buyer’s Guide

There are some things to keep in mind when you decide to buy a weighted blanket:


The weight is very important when selecting a weighted blanket for adults. The generally accepted recommendation is that a weighted blanket should weigh at least 10% of the adult’s body weight.

To that, you can add another 1-3 pounds if you want to go with a heavier optimum weight.

However, there’s nothing to stop you from going lighter or heavier. Therapy aside, people respond differently to weighted blankets. Personal preference should also be accounted for when sizing your weighted blanket.

Dimension Size

Weighted blankets come in various shapes and sizes. They’re not just made for children anymore. It’s common to find manufacturers selling weighted blankets as small, medium, large, or even full-, queen-, and king-sized blankets.

All weighted blankets should have specific dimensions listed and you should choose yours based on how it will cover your body, not the bed or mattress.

A weighted blanket works best when it just covers your body for even weight distribution. It is not intended to cover the bed and should never hang down over the sides.

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Some people now look for weighted blankets to share as a couple. These generally come in the larger weights and dimensions.

However, there are pros and cons to using a weighted blanket for two people. Read our post on a weighted blanket for couples to find out both the advantages and disadvantages.

Intended Use

It’s important that you understand why weighted blankets are used and when they should be used. Weighted blankets have a similar effect to hugging or cuddling.

The sensation of applied pressure helps increase the production of serotonin, which in turn increases the production of melatonin.

These two chemicals play an important role in inducing calmness. Melatonin is also responsible for helping people sleep, which is why weighted blankets are used by people trying to manage insomnia.

Weighted blankets are basically sleeping aids, and many people use them to feel calmer and less anxious, which often helps with sleep.

If you’re looking for something to keep you comfy during the day, you might want to look into weighted vests or weighted lap pads, which have a similar effect.

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Even though weighted blankets are usually not big enough to cover your mattress like regular blankets, you can still expect to pay as much (or more) as a good comforter for them.

There are two things that factor into the pricing more than others: materials and weight. The heavier blankets usually cost more. More materials equal higher costs, assuming equivalent quality.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they’re not worth investing in. The therapeutic properties of weighted blankets have been well-documented for over a decade in people with autism, PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, stress, restless leg syndrome, and other sensory recognition disorders.

2 Top-Rated Adult Weighted Blankets

There are 2 top-rated weighted blankets on the market that we feel are the best quality and affordable choices for adults:

1. The Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

The Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket is our top choice that we chose for our son’s needs. He is a young adult who lives with ADHD and anxiety.

This product has an excellent range of sizes, 2 removable covers for easier care, and includes cooling technology, which is important for hot sleepers like our son. It reduces heat buildup and discomfort when sleeping.

You can read our personal review of the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket.

2. The YnM Weighted Blanket

Since they made improvements and additions, the YnM weighted blanket comes in a close second for us. They now offer a cooling version and a cooling duvet cover, plus the availability of sets that include 2 removable covers in the package.

This affordable range of products, plus color options, has raised this product up into the range of our number one choice.

You can read our review of the YnM weighted blanket for more details, or in Canada, see our post reviewing the YnM Weighted Blanket in Canada.

Our detailed reviews of these top-rated weighted blankets for adults will help you choose one to suit your needs.

If you live in Canada, see our general post for Weighted Blankets in Canada.

18 thoughts on “Top-Rated Weighted Blankets for Adults”

  1. I was thinking about potentially trying a weighted blanket for sleep a little while ago, but honestly it slipped my mind, so I’m really glad that I came across your post. Of your choices, I think I like YnM Weighted Blanket best as the look is great and they look nice and cool. I’ll be saving your post and won’t forget about these weighted blankets this time, thank you!

    1. We’re glad you found the article helpful if you’ve been thinking about using a weighted blanket for sleep. They do work well for many people.

      If you’re interested in weighted blankets that are cooler, we have a post that covers cooling weighted blankets. You might find it helpful for the kind you would prefer.

      All the best with sleep and rest.

  2. I can say for sure that this buyers guide for top rated weighted blankets is highly appreciated especially for the reason of having to pick from a plethora of options.This dilemma has led me to indecision a good number of times now.

    I am particularly interested in the Zonli weighted blankets. I like the patterns and different colors. I’m just not sure if they’ll be ideal for kids. 

    Perhaps you could make a buyers guide for kids blanket.

    Thanks for sharing all the same, it has been helpful.

  3. Wow! Very useful and interesting product!

    Perhaps, this is the reason why I feel insomnia every night. I have been sleeping using regular blankets and I feel that my regular blankets do not provide comfort for me. So often, I sleep without using blankets.
    I think with this product (plus clinical evidence) that can help increase the production of serotonin and melatonin, it can be the right solution for people who experience insomnia like me.
    By the way, is this product suitable for grandparents too? Because I want to give a gift to my parents this blanket.

  4. I believe you when you said that the weighted blankets are not just made for children no longer as they come in various weights and sizes. Adults make use of them too. This helps especially when one feels lonely or restless. You can cuddle under the blanket to make your night feel better because of the chemicals it produces to encourage sleep.

    Choosing the right weighted blanket is something we should consider and you’ve already explained greatly. Of course we would want a blanket that is worth the money. And I’m glad you took the time to select the best we could use.

  5. It is easy to say that relaxation and tranquility can solve stress and all its consequences, but we have yet to reach that level of calm.
    Stress is caused by various events in life and as long as you are in a crowd, you are likely to be stressed.
    If you can’t solve all the problems right away, try splitting them up and dealing with each segment individually.
    There are various methods of relaxation for the purpose of reducing stress, one of them is meditation. Sleeping in a good bed and covered with a quality blanket.Thank you for the post.

  6. BlueMoon UniqueFashion

    The weights of the blankets have so many advantages over ordinary blankets. First of all, I love a blanket that has its warm and cold side. I use one of these and am very pleased. They provide comfort and a night of healthy sleep, and I wake up feeling restored.

  7. It seems like weighted blankets are a good investment for people of all ages. Personally, I think the Quility Blanket is the best one. I’m not a hot sleeper, so that blanket would probably be good for me. People who struggle with sleep due to anxiety, stress or insomnia should consider using a weighted blanket. 

    1. Yes, Nate, weighted blankets help many people with anxiety and sleep, which reduce stress. And, Quility is definitely a good choice.


  8. I have read about these weighted blankets before and meant to look more into them. I really like the Quility weighted blanket and comes in other colors and a full range of sizes, it sounds like one I would love to get. I have a hard time sleeping, waking up off and on all night. This sounds like what I would need. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I know I have a sleeping problem because I tend to sleep better with a small pillow over my chest. That weight kind of gives me comfort but it could only cover the areas of my body so much. So I am glad to come across your recommended brands for weighted blankets. There are lots of choices out there and also price points to consider. I didn’t know they were that expensive though. 

    Are there any outlets where we could try/feel these blankets before purchasing? Thanks.

    1. Hi Cathy;

      The best way to get a hands on idea of the weighted blankets is to see if any are sold at stores in your local area. Or, if you know someone who uses one, you could ask to see it.

      Many manufacturers do have good refund/return/exchange policies, so you could change one if you wanted something different or a different weight. Just make sure to check out the policy for the manufacturer before you purchase from them.


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