If you’re looking for a cooling weighted blanket in Canada, these 2 popular choices can be conveniently ordered online.

Canadian winters may be cold, but the summers are still hot enough to warrant choosing a weighted blanket with cooling properties. And, they’re an excellent choice for hot sleepers at any time of the year.

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What Is a Cooling Weighted Blanket?

Many people are confused about what a cooling weighted blanket actually is. So, let’s clear that up before we look at some of the most popular examples of this comforting product.

What Does “Cooling” Mean?

Don’t be fooled by the term “cooling” when referring to weighted blankets. They are not regular blankets that just cool you down if you get hot.

A weighted blanket is just what the name says it is. A special blanket that is heavier than a normal blanket. The weight is sewn into the material to apply extra pressure to the body.

The extra weight putting pressure on your body while you rest is known to reduce anxiety and promote better sleep.

A “cooling” weighted blanket is a specialized kind of one of these blankets that manufacturers have produced in response to customer complaints that the extra weight makes them too hot.

Hot Sleepers

Some people are hot sleepers and when they choose to use a weighted blanket, they prefer to get one that has cooling properties created by the materials, the construction, and special technologies.

Manufacturers use breathable fabrics like cotton and bamboo, glass beads to avoid heat buildup and special technologies like Coolmax to help customers avoid overheating under the heavy weight.

And so, a cooling weighted blanket is not a regular blanket with cooling properties to help you feel less warm. It’s a specific kind of weighted blanket that is heavier than normal to help you sleep better and feel calmer.

Here are 2 top cooling weighted blankets for hot restless sleepers that can be ordered from Canada:

1. Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

The Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket is the one we chose for our son who has ADHD and anxiety, plus insomnia issues. He is also a restless hot sleeper and it works perfectly for his needs.

This weighted blanket tops our list because it is affordable, with a wide range of sizes for all ages and accommodation for every season.

5 Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket Features:

The Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket has several noteworthy features that make it stand out from other manufacturers:

1. It Includes 2 Removable Covers

The Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket conveniently includes 2 removable covers. One has a cooling design and the other is a plush cover designed for added warmth.

Nice for Canadian winters when you may not need the cooler cover for relief from the heat.

The cooling cover is especially useful for hot sleepers and the hotter summers, and having two covers makes cleaning and care a lot easier when one of the covers is in the wash.

2. Features Coolmax Technology

A great feature of this blanket is that the manufacturer has an exclusive partnership to use Coolmax technology, which means the cooling removable cover is constructed with this innovative property to provide maximum comfort for hot sleepers.

It was the main factor for us in choosing this weighted blanket for our son, who often sleeps with a tabletop fan on his face to stay cool.

3. Offers a Variety of Sizes

When it comes to weight and sizes, the Degrees of Comfort weighted blankets have something for everyone. There are a variety of weights and dimensions to fit the entire family.

There are smaller sizes suitable for children and for those individuals who don’t prefer a heavier weight. And, there are several larger sizes for teens and adults.

4. Degrees of Comfort Uses Nano-ceramic Beads

This manufacture provides the weight in the blankets with the unique use of nano-ceramic beads. They provide a smaller and tougher option to the more traditional glass and plastic beads.

Because they are softer and interact more quietly, you’ll benefit from better sleep without disruption. And, because they have the ability to blend together better, they cause a more uniform distribution of weight over your body.

5. Includes a Secure 10-Point Anchor System

The anchor point system of the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket boasts 10-points, which is above that offered by most other manufacturers in this price range.

This added bonus prevents bunching of the blanket while you get your rest. Our son finds that very useful because he moves around during the night, but it keeps the inner weighted blanket from bunching.


The most common drawback we’ve found mentioned about this blanket is the lack of color choice and bland options.

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2. YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

YnM’s cooling weighted blanket has some nice improvements over the original version, which helps the manufacturer compete with other top brands.

The cooling aspect is nice for hot sleepers, and we now consider this weighted blanket to be a very close second to our first choice.

5 Features of the YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket:

Top-rated features for the YnM cooling weighted blanket include:

1. An Impressive Range of Sizes

The YnM cooling weighted blanket can be found in a variety of sizes from 7 pounds up to 30 pounds in weight, providing a wide range to suit most needs.

2. The Outer Fabric is Cooling Bamboo

The cooling effect of this blanket is due to the use of pure, natural 300 thread count bamboo viscose material for the outer covering of the weighted blanket.

It is soft, breathable, and has anti-bacterial properties, allowing for more comfort at night and a better rest overall.

3. Glass Beads Create the Added Weight

For the weight, YnM goes with the classic glass beads. It’s an odorless, non-toxic, and eco-friendly material. Plus, the glass beads will add to the cooling effect by not retaining heat.

These beads provide a hypoallergenic choice for people with sensitivities, and they are a good option for hot sleepers.

4. There is Even Weight Distribution

The weights are distributed in small compartments to provide even weight distribution. The beads are held in place with a three-dimensional lock-bead sewing technique to avoid leakage and shifting.

Having an even weight distribution is essential to getting the best benefits from the added pressure of a weighted blanket. If it shifts, the weight is not even on your body.

5. A Variety of Design Choices

If you’re looking for a weighted blanket that offers plenty of color and design options, this is the product for you. There is a significant selection available.

So, for those who want a product that they can match with their decor, they’ll find a range here to suit most preferences and styles.


At this time, the basic YnM weighted blanket removable covers must be purchased separately.

However, you can purchase YnM weighted blanket sets that include two removable covers, one of which is a cooling cover. (See the section below:)

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YnM Weighted Blanket Sets

Another option with YnM weighted blankets is the sets that they now have available. The inner weighted blanket has all of the same great features, plus it comes with 2 removable covers.

2 Removable Duvet Covers (One is Ice Fiber Cool)

One cover is plush Minky for warmth, while the other is what they refer to as Ice Fiber Cool and is made with premium cotton. It is a good option for hot sleepers.

Offers Good Color Choices

These sets also have a wider selection of color choices with the covers than the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket sets. The covers also allow for easier care and cleaning.

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Considering a Cooling Weighted Blanket

It isn’t a given that a weighted blanket is necessarily warmer than a regular blanket. People often assume that it is the case because of the added weight and material.

But plenty of regular weighted blankets don’t cause heat issues for the people who use them, so it may not be the case if you’re not usually a hot sleeper.

Manufacturers Listened to Feedback

However, if you’re a hot sleeper (like our son), you may very well have more specific needs. The manufacturers of weighted blankets have learned this from customer feedback and have taken steps to produce products that will help keep sleepers cooler.

Cooling weighted blankets are slightly different than regular weighted blankets in the materials and technology used to create a cooling and breathability effect.

Coolmax, Cotton, and Bamboo

These blankets often use materials like layers of cotton and outer layers of bamboo. They also make use of patented technology like the Coolmax property.

They also try to cut down on the amount of fill around the beads to reduce heat buildup. Adding several layers of cotton usually helps in this area.

Cooling Covers

Often these manufactures include covers that have cooling properties, as well. They often provide a choice of cotton or bamboo.

The plush Minky is reserved for adding warmth for those who need it, which usually does not include the hot sleepers.

Small Pockets, Nano-Ceramic and Glass Beads

To get the best weight distribution and avoid “hot spots” from weight pressure on your body, you should look for blankets that have smaller weight pockets and bead choices that provide more even weight distribution.

The choice of nano-ceramic beads, which are small and blend well, and glass beads, which don’t hold heat, are good cooling choices for creating the extra weight that provides the benefits.

Lots of Anchor Points

You’ll also want a blanket that has a high number of anchor points for the cover so that the blanket doesn’t shift around inside and disrupt the weight distribution, adding to the creation of hot spots.

Final Verdict

You’ve seen from our reviews of the 2 top-quality cooling weighted blankets that the design differences are not significant in these products.

They both top our list for affordable and quality cooling weighted blankets to provide more comfort and better sleep experience.

At the end of the day, you have to choose the product that best suits your needs and provides what you’re looking for.

As we stated above, we went with the Degrees of Comfort cooling weighted blanket as the best choice for our son. And, it has worked out well for us.

However, the YnM cooling weighted blanket is another great choice and a very close second in our opinion.

Whichever weighted blanket you choose, the deep touch pressure can make a difference to how well you sleep and rest at night while helping you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

24 thoughts on “Cooling Weighted Blankets in Canada”

  1. Hello Stella, I have heard of the weighted blankets but I did not realize there were several choices. We travel a lot and spend our winters in warm countries. However, I too am from Canada and know how the weather can so drastically change. I understand these blankets are heavier – how much weight would they add to a suitcase if one were to pack one. 

    Thanks for sharing the pros and cons. This is definitely something I would consider in Canada as we mostly housesit while there and all bedding is different. The weighted blanket is something we could take with us.

    1. Hey Mary Ann;

      Weighted blankets can be quite heavy if it’s for an adult; up to 20-30 pounds even. That would be a lot of extra weight for a suitcase. You might be interested in our post about Traveling with a Weighted Blanket, if that’s something you’re planning to do.


  2. Wow, I knew about weighted blankets but not about the cooling type. I’m a hot sleeper like your son, so one of these would come in handy.

    Winters are harsh in the northern part of the U.S., too. Out of the three you discussed, I’d go with the Coolmax. I like the fact that it comes in a variety of sizes and its having removable covers.

    Can these products be bought on Amazon US? 

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. A couple of questions about your review of the cooling weighted blanket. This sound so comfortable to me. With arthritis, sometimes it is hard to get comfortable. It seems that the weight of these blankets might help the restlessness that develops as one tries to get comfortable.

    Is there a thermostat as an electric blanket has to change settings? Or, just cool and normal? Does a normal or non-cool setting sleep a bit warmer than a normal blanket? Your review does cover a lot of the features we need to know when buying. Thanks for the information, Sami

    1. As far as we know, there isn’t any such thing right now as an electric weighted blanket with settings. It’s just that some have cooling features to reduce the heat buildup from the heavier weight. Some people find them warmer to sleep under.

      You might find our post about Are Weighted Blankets Hot helpful for your purposes.


  4. Hello Stella, I really want to thank you for sharing such a wonderful review with us. First, I hadn’t heard about cooling weighted blankets. But after reading your article I like the idea of this type of blanket. The question I have is why do they call them cooling if you can still get hot under the weight?

    1. Yes, it seems confusing to call a heavy blanket “cooling.” But there is a good reason. Weighted blankets can cause a heat buildup that does make some people very warm, especially hot sleepers or during warmer times, like summer.

      Customers complained to manufacturers about the extra heat, so they went to work and created weighted blankets with cooling features. These specially designed blankets have cooler materials like bamboo and cotton. They use glass beads for the weight, and some have special technologies like Coolmax.

      All of the added cooling properties are meant to make the weighted blankets more comfortable for sleeping, so people can get the benefits without overheating. That’s why they are called “cooling” weighted blankets.

      We also have a post that gives tips on sleeping with a weighted blanket in summer. You might find that helpful, too.


  5. petergeorge5666

    Great product, and thanks for bringing it to my attention. I learned a lot from your informative and educational article. I’ve been following your blog for some time and learning about weighted blankets. The cooling weighted blankets are an interesting version of the product. I was wondering if it’s possible to get them outside Canada.Thanks for the information. 

    1. If you live outside Canada or the United States, what you can do is do an online search for “weighted blankets + the name of your country.” You should be able to see if they are sold anywhere near you.

      But, if you still want to order one online, check and see if they deliver to your country before you place an order.


  6. I have been tempted to get a weighted blanket for myself, as I am a very light sleeper, and if I wake in the middle of the night, I battle to fall asleep again as my mind gets too busy.

    I was put off originally because living in a hot climate, I thought it would be too hot to sleep under, but the cooling blanket looks like it just might be the thing.

    I think I could go for the one with two covers – one for summer and the other for winter.

    1. Yes, weighted blankets are known to be helpful for people who need support getting deeper sleep. And, the cooling versions are designed to allow people who sleep warm or live in hot climates to enjoy the benefits. You would be better off choosing one of those. And, you can’t beat the convenience of the two removable covers. That’s what our son has and he likes it a lot.


  7. Hi Stella. Thanks for the explanation. I really like the idea of using a cooling weighted blanket for those who have trouble sleeping due to insomnia or anxiety. I usually have an extra small pillow on me when sleeping. It gives me some “comfort”. With a weighted blanket, I believe it will be good for me. I will look into your recommendations again to decide which to buy.

    Thanks again. Sharon

    1. You’re welcome, Sharon. Yes, if you like the pressure of extra weight when you sleep, you’ll probably like a weighted blanket.


  8. Antarctic Adventures

    I woke up this morning pretty hot, but I have to have blankets to sleep under!! It’s a comfort thing. I had no idea there were such things as a weighted cooling blanket! This seems perfect for me! I knew what a weighted blanket was, but I’ve never seen one with cooling properties.

    I am definitely considering getting one of these now since it’s summer here in America too! 

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Duuuude, I had no idea those two technologies combined were a thing for blankets in general! Great article, I do understand the point where you emphasized it’s not literally a cooling blanket, but one that is used for helping with sleep, and has Coolmax technology.

    Does that really affect your body temperature or at least provide some kind of an effect for those hot summer nights? This looks like something I am really starting to get interested in.

    1. Julius, we’re glad you learned something new that you’re interested in.

      Yes, a cooling weighted blanket is actually a specially designed blanket with added weight to help people sleep better. They are also known to help reduce anxiety, which of course, can help with sleep.

      The added weight creates deep touch pressure, which studies show, produces a calming effect, allowing the person to fall asleep easier and rest better.

      The cooling versions of these heavy blankets use breathable fabrics and special technologies (like Coolmax) to reduce the heat buildup from the extra weight.

      These cooling weighted blankets allow “hot sleepers” to use them and get the benefits without overheating. And, as you pointed out, they’re also good for warm weather months or warmer climates.

      Let us know if you try one.


  10. I am in need of a cooling weighted blanket for myself and for my granddaughter. Both of us are hot sleepers and both end up with no covers at all because they get too cumbersome and hot! How does your son do with the weighted cooling blanket? Does it work well to keep him cool? 

    As far as the weighted part goes, my granddaughter currently has a weighted blanket (not cooling) and that thing feels heavy to me. I don’t feel like the weight distributes evenly. It feels like beads or sand that moves from one part of the blanket to another. Perhaps it is because this is a fairly cheap weighted blanket, but can you tell me how the one you are referring to distribute the weight. Is it even?

    I think several of these might be good options for us. My spouse on the other hand, is always cold, so… Probably have to get a hot weighted one, too!

    1. Hey, Karin. Yes, our son does well with the Coolmax cover of the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket. But he does use a tabletop fan pointed at his face during the night. And, we don’t live in a super hot climate. However, he is a really hot restless sleeper but still manages to get the benefits without too much overheating.

      The blankets in our post are known to distribute the weight evenly. The only one I would point out is the new “zoning” design for the Degrees of Comfort brand. There’s been some concern about that one and the jury’s still out. Not everyone likes the way the weight’s been arranged to fall to the outer edges.


      1. Thank you, Stella. I will be exploring these weighted blankets further as I feel like they may offer solutions for my family!

  11. I am an ultimate sleeper, and I have never considered getting a cooling blanket (I’m okay with AC), as I thought it’s just a splurge. I never thought I could look at it differently and that blankets serve special purposes too. I also never thought that weighted blankets are well-designed to serve various purposes (i.e., anxiety relief). I’m gonna check it out. 

    Thank you for this, and cheers! -A

    1. Keep in mind that a “cooling” weighted blanket is not just to cool you down. It’s the weighted part that helps with sleep and anxiety.

      They have cooling features to help avoid heat buildup from the extra weight, which is especially important for hot restless sleepers.


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