Best Weighted Blankets for Children

Best Weighted Blankets Children

So, you’ve decided that a weighted blanket can help your kid (and you) sleep better at night, but you don’t know where to start or what to look for? Well, worry not, our experts have hand-picked the top three blankets available, and one of them is definitely going to suit your child. 

We will go through the pros and cons of each recommendation and why we think one of them can be the best fit for your child!

What is the purpose of a weighted blanket?

While researching through all the options and picking the best blankets, we considered the following factors:

  • The surface of the blanket had to be something a youngster would appreciate and like to use
  • A weighted cover should feel calming for a youngster, as opposed to excessively hot or weighty
  • We preferred blankets utilizing hypoallergenic materials considering that children can be especially sensitive to allergies
  • Cost-effectiveness and value
  • Easy care. Being machine launderable is the best


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Our Top Picks for the Best Weighted Blanket for Children:

YnM Kids Weighted Blanket

Ynm Kids Weighted Blanket

Ynm Kids Weighted Blanket Pros Cons

This top-of-the-line weighted blanket has received just about 20,000 positive Amazon ratings and detailed reviews. The brand gives you a huge load of choices. As well as being accessible in masses of 5 to 30 pounds, they also come in various fun prints that appeal to their target audience: children. 

Ynm Weighted Blanket Children

YnM claims their blankets naturally relieve tension and stress by recreating the sensation of a hug. Additionally, they improve sleep quality by blocking out stimulation.

Don’t just believe them! Hear about Heather’s experience with her kid:

“This morning was amazing. Not only did he sleep all night (he woke up once because he kicked off the blanket), but he woke up in the best mood I’ve ever seen.”

Heather Rose

This blanket is the most affordable option on this list. The quality is great, and believe us when we say it provides amazing value for its price.

Additionally, you can buy a duvet cover in cotton or delicate Minky texture if you think your kid would fancy either material. Customers of this blanket say the compartmentalized build of it keeps the glass beads uniformly distributed for a comforting, even weight.

Gravity Blanket for Kids

Gravity Children Weighted Blanket 1

Gravity Weighted Blanket Pros Cons 1

The Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket is intended to soothe and comfort youngsters aged seven and above. The blanket maximizes relaxation and minimizes body movement for a deeper REM cycle helping your kid sleep better. Supported grid stitching keeps the little glass dots held in place, which prevents clustering of the beads and guarantees uniform weight across the cover. 

The external shell is made of soft polyester. The polyester material and the gridded sewing in this heavy blanket are genuinely sturdy, which means this cover will last you a good number of years. The glass pellets leave space for airflow, but the polyester cover traps some warmth. This insulation makes the blanket appropriate for cooler environments, and it may not be the ideal choice for youngsters who prefer a cooler feel. 

This calming blanket weighs ten pounds and measures 66 inches by 42 inches, which should address the needs of most older kids. Children get to decide between the colors green and pink.

Every Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket purchase ships with a complimentary 3-pound weighted toy appropriate for youngsters ages 5 and up. 

The cover is removable and machine-launderable, making care simpler while increasing the life of the inward cover. The weighted toy and the internal cover must only be spot-cleaned.

Here is what Jennifer had to say about it:

“My daughter loves this! It is a beautiful shade of pale pink with a hint of sheen to it. We have the 10-pound version which is just enough for my eight-year-old.”

Jennifer Irwin

Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket

Luxome Children Weighted Blanket 1

Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket Pros Cons

Most weighted covers sold today consist of two pieces: a removable, machine-launderable cover and an inner weighted blanket that requires more complicated cleaning. The creative Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket from Luxome consolidates the two parts into a single blanket that can be washed and tumble dried in your household washing machines. The blankets are available for purchase in three sizes, with the little 8-pound choice for youngsters who weigh around 80 to 90 pounds.

Luxome Kids Weighted Blanket

You can choose from three cover materials. One is made out of soft polyester with a luxurious, comfortable feel ideal for a colder climate. The other is made of breathable lyocell obtained from bamboo, which dozes cool and has dampness-wicking properties to keep your kid comfy on hot and humid evenings. The third choice is reversible and provides the best of the two worlds, one on each side. These covers are most appropriate for use year-round. All of the recommendations have glass microbeads for the added weight.

The cover may be machine-washed on a cool, delicate cycle and tumble-dried on low warmth. You can choose from seven colors available, including single-and two-tone variants. The blanket is additionally sold in medium (15-pound) and large (18-pound) sizes for use by grown-ups.

After using the blanket for a month, Lynn left the following review:

“I purchased this blanket for our daughter and she loves it! I like the way the blankets beads stay evenly distributed and also that the whole blanket is washable so that you don’t have to take a cover on and off.”

Lynn Mcfadden

Our Picks for Best Weighted Blankets for Children

YnM’s Weighted blanket for kids is hands down our pick of the lot. The reasonable price tag and great quality mean you get an amazing bang for your buck. To top that, the thought put into the range of colors and weights available means there is one available for everyone. Weighted blankets for children do not get any better than this!

The Luxome blanket makes a great option for people looking for a relatively no-fuss blanket that is easy to care for and versatile for cold and warm weather.

Gravity’s weighted blanket for kids is what you should opt for if you are in a cooler environment and a warm blanket is not a problem. Its quality is top-notch and the design has been refined over the years using customer feedback.

How to pick the right weight for your kid’s blanket?

A simple rule of thumb to know is that the ideal weighted cover will be around 10% of your kid’s body weight. You can comfortably add a pound or two if needed. This “little extra” gives some flexibility during purchasing since covers frequently come in fixed sizes, for example, 3 pounds, 5 pounds, and so forth.

So, for your 30-pound baby, you would need a 3-to 5-pound cover. For your 110-pound youngster, you’d need an 11to 13-pound cover. You can likewise judge whether to go somewhat heavier or lighter depending on your kid’s preference.

Safety tips to keep in mind

A weighted blanket may take some time to get accustomed to. Even then, it is important to remember a weighted blanket isn’t for everyone. Some kids may find weighted blankets claustrophobic or feel too hot when under them. 

Weighted covers are not appropriate for small kids and newborn children, as the filling inside the cover could potentially leak and pose a choking hazard. Weighted blankets are not recommended for kids under the age of three.

It is important that kids just utilize a weighted cover to cover their body and never their head. 


Regardless of whether your youngster has autism, anxiety, nervousness, a sensory processing disorder, or battles to nod off and stay asleep, a suitable weighted cover would very likely come to your aid. This helpful manual should help you discover the perfect calming blanket for your kid.

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