If you’re a night owl, you likely find mornings a difficult time to get going and be motivated. It’s difficult to enjoy positivity when you don’t even want to be awake.

Young woman working on a laptop at night.

The 7 morning habits for night owls outlined below may help you feel more energized and ready to move ahead with your day.

But first, what exactly is a night owl? Are you wondering if this applies to you?

What Is a Night Owl?

The term “night owl” refers to a person who tends to stay up later at night (or even into the early hours of the morning), and prefers to rise later in the day.

They usually find it difficult to function well during the regular daytime schedule that a large part of the population follows.

Other terms that refer to an individual who tends to follow this pattern are simply “owl” or an “evening person.” The opposite would be an early riser, often called a “morning lark, a lark, or morning person.”

According to Live Science, there is documented evidence showing that night owls have brain differences from other people who don’t have this pattern of behavior.

The study reports that the scanned brains showed lower brain connectivity, connected to poorer attention and slower ability to react during the typical 9-to-5 workday.

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It suggests that night owls are certainly not choosing this behavior. It might just be the way they’re wired. So, if this applies to you, there’s no need to beat yourself up if you don’t hit the floor running in the morning.

However, the problem remains, what to do if you are a night owl who must function in the typical daytime workday that is demanded of your job? The following 7 tips might help.

7 Morning Habits for Night Owls

If you have a daytime job or must live with others who are mainly morning people, use these ideas to develop an energizing morning routine:

1. Go to Bed as Early as Possible

Your morning habits can start the night before. Figure out what is the earliest time that your natural rhythm will allow you to fall asleep for the night and try to stick to it regularly.

Develop a nighttime routine that helps you prepare for your designated bedtime. Do things like turn off your devices an hour before, take a warm bath, or listen to soothing music. Try to optimize your period of sleep as much as possible to feel rested.

2. Hydrate and Stimulate

Being hydrated will help you to be more alert and energized, so make sure to get plenty of fluids when you first get up. If you like water, drink a glass soon after waking.

To help stimulate your system, enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage. This is assuming you don’t have any issues with caffeine. And, be careful it doesn’t undo the hydrating effect of the water. You’ll need to tailor this to your personal situation.

3. Crank Up the Music

If it doesn’t bother other people in the home, put on some upbeat music that gets you pumped up and play it as you get ready for the day.

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Lively music is known to stimulate people and change their mood when they’re feeling draggy or a lack of pep. Take advantage of your favorite tunes and add them to the next suggestion.

4. Get Yourself Moving with a Workout

If you do a regular workout at home or the gym, morning might be a good time for it. Even though night owls tend to feel more rushed because they don’t like to get up, it’s a good time to get the blood flowing with a workout.

Exercise will help you wake up and feel more alert, especially if you must leave the house and go to a gym. The interaction with other people might be stimulating, as well. It’s a good habit to combine with lively music.

5. Keep the Morning Routine Simple

Try to make your morning routine as simple as possible. If you know what to expect each day, you won’t need to use as much mental energy to make decisions at that time.

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It’s also helpful if you do as much preparation as you can the night before when you’re most alert. This is a particularly relevant point if there are children and other people to deal with in the morning when you aren’t at your best.

6. Do Meditation Later in the Day

If you like to incorporate meditation or other mindfulness exercises into your daily routine, it might be better to do it later in the day.

Meditation tends to have a relaxing sedative effect, and for a night owl trying to stay awake in the morning, that’s not a good idea. The music and workout may be a better plan.

7. Use a Loud Alarm

Night owls often need a louder alarm than morning people, who tend to wake more naturally. It’s not pleasant, but you might need an alarm that jars you awake. Or you’ll need one that keeps going until you surface enough to turn it off.

Night owls tend to love their snooze button, but it can backfire if you hit it too much. Depending on who you are, one loud alarm without backup options may force you to deal with getting up. Of course, you’ll need to consider other people sleeping if you use a really loud alarm.

A little owl next to a large alarm clock.

As you can see, being a night owl is not a figment of your imagination. And, you aren’t just being difficult to purposefully irritate the morning people in your life.

Use these 7 tips to develop a set of morning habits for success in getting on with the day. The alternative would be to find a different career or lifestyle that suits your natural rhythm. If that isn’t an option, these might help make getting up and out a little easier.

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