The best cooling bed sheets for hot weather, menopause, and people who sleep warmer are going to be breathable and moisture-wicking.

A pile of beige and white packaged bed linens.

There are certain fabrics such as cotton and bamboo that will naturally provide the properties that promote comfort and help you create a bedroom for sleeping.

You’ll also find there are newer technologies on the market such as Coolmax that offer more cooling comfort for warm conditions.

In this post, we offer more detail on the best fabrics and technologies for cooling bed clothes, plus examples of highly-rated products for each category.

But before we talk about the various materials used in cooling bed linens, let’s take a look at some tips for buying quality bed sheets.

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Things to Look For in Quality Bed Sheets

Here are some details to look out for when you intend to buy quality sheets and get your money’s worth.

1. Thread Count

The general idea is that the higher the thread count, the better the quality.

But that’s not always the case because there are manufacturing techniques that allow companies to produce higher thread counts without increasing softness and durability.

In some cases, if the higher thread count of 1000+ is increasing the price, you may be better off with going for the middle ground of 300-500 thread count for less expense.

2. Weave

Generally, your options for weave are going to be percale, sateen, or combed if you want quality. Many people prefer sateen if they like a softer finish.

The percale weave will give you a light and crisp finish, so it’s going to depend on your personal preferences. And, cotton that’s been combed to remove the short fibers will be softer.

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3. Organic and Sustainable Methods

If you fall into the ever-increasing group that wants to protect the environment, you’ll want to look for sheets that are produced using sustainable and organic materials and methods.

Keep in mind that going with an organic and sustainable product is probably going to mean paying more, but it usually also means you’re getting a better quality set of bed sheets.

In line with being eco-friendly, if you choose sheets that are Oeko-Tex or GOTS certified, you’ll have a product that wasn’t produced using harmful chemicals and is organic and socially responsible in its processing.

4. Deep Fitted Sheet Pockets

Some people make the mistake of ordering a large set of bed sheets in the queen or king size and assume it will fit over their thick mattress plus, in some cases, an additional mattress topper.

Don’t make the assumption that a larger size always equals deep pockets in the bottom fitted sheet. Measure for the depth you need and check the size of the sheets you intend to order for a good fit.

Use the information above to help you choose the sheets that suit your budget and preferences.

Next, we’ll discuss the top fabrics for an effective set of cooling bed sheets.

Bamboo Bed Sheets for Warm Sleepers

One important thing to keep in mind when you shop for bamboo sheets is that they come in a variety of pureness.

Some bamboo linens are a combination of bamboo and other fabrics such as cotton. With other products, you’ll get something known as bamboo-derived rayon.

Bamboo forest showing shoots and leaves.

Neither of the options mentioned above gives you the same degree of breathability and moisture-wicking as pure bamboo. However, you will pay more for a product that is totally made with natural bamboo.

Another thing to be aware of with pure bamboo sheets is they will wrinkle more easily than other fabrics. It’s one of the reasons some manufacturers add other materials to the bamboo.

Adding a more wrinkle-resistant or more durable material to the bamboo keeps the cost lower and adds features like more durability and less wrinkling.

The advantages of using bed sheets that are made from pure bamboo include:

  • The comfort of softness hard to beat with other fabrics.
  • Natural breathability that keeps you cooler for better sleep.
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial for people with sensitivities.
  • Doesn’t absorb moisture or natural body oils.
  • Naturally discourage mites that cause allergies.
  • Durability if they are manufactured with long fibers.
  • Bamboo can be grown and produced in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Along with the advantages of using bamboo sheets, there are some drawbacks, which include:

  • Pure bamboo sheets are more expensive. (But have longterm value.)
  • They can be more wrinkly than other fabrics.

Bamboo is one of the fabrics that people turn to when they want to beat the heat and have a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Below are two products that are highly-rated by customers and demonstrate the range of what’s available for bamboo sheet sets.

First, a set that is a bamboo blend.

1. LuxClub 6 PC Bamboo Sheet Set

The LuxClub sheet set is a good example of a more economical product where bamboo is combined with another fabric. These sheets are listed as a bamboo-derived rayon blend.
The LuxClub bamboo sheet set is a good example of a product that is promoted as bamboo but uses other fabrics, keeping the cost down. Just be aware it isn’t a 100% bamboo sheet set.

Read Latest Reviews: LuxClub Bamboo Sheet Sets on Amazon

Next, a more expensive, but 100% natural bamboo sheet set.

2. BAMPURE 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets

You will pay more for Bampure 100% organic bamboo sheets because you’ll get sheets made totally from natural bamboo. These sheets are an example of a completely bamboo product, without other fabrics added.

Plus, the cost includes organic bamboo viscose grown without chemicals, so it’s better for people and the environment.

Read Latest Reviews: Bampur Bamboo Sheet Sets on Amazon

Cotton Bed Sheets for Warm Sleepers

Cotton is well known as a fabric that helps people stay cooler while sleeping. It’s thin and breathable, allowing more air circulation compared to warmer fabrics like fleece or microfiber.

Cotton Isn’t Moisture-Wicking

It has the natural property of being breathable and not trapping heat, but it isn’t as moisture-wicking as some other fabrics.

Unfortunately, as cool as cotton can be, if you start to sweat, you may end up feeling hot and sticky or cold and clammy.

Close up of fabric label saying 100% cotton.

All that said, some people swear by using cotton during warmer weather or if they’re prone to feeling too hot while they sleep.

Several Options for Cotton Sheets

If you prefer to use cotton bed sheets, you’ll have several options to choose from, including:

  • 100% cotton
  • organic cotton
  • Egyptian cotton
  • a cotton blend

Organic and Egyptian cotton are going to be the most expensive because they produce the highest quality products.

Keep in mind that 100% cotton is not necessarily organic or Egyptian if it doesn’t say so. And, you may actually prefer a cotton blend if the added fabric increases the moisture-wicking properties.

Below, are two examples of sheet sets available in organic and Egyptian cotton.

First, here’s an example of an inexpensive organic cotton sheet set.

1. Pinzon 300-TC Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Pinzon by Amazon makes a bed sheet set that is 300-thread count and made from organic cotton. This set is a good example of a highly-rated but inexpensive product that gives you the breathability of 100% cotton.

At this price point, you’re getting several good features, but not the top quality and durability of a more expensive bed sheet set.

Read Latest Reviews: Pinzon Organic Cotton Sheet Set on Amazon

Next, a more expensive Egyptian cotton sheet set.

2. Thread Spread 1000-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

This sheet set by Thread Spread uses only pure, 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton yarns, which means you’ll pay more for the better quality and durability.

The Thread Spread bed sheet set is still just cotton, so you’ll find them cooling, but not as moisture-wicking as other products.

Read Latest Reviews: Thread Spread Egyptian Cotton Sheets on Amazon

Flax Linen for Cooling Bed Sheets

The word “linen” is often used to refer to any type of bedclothes. However, real traditional linen is made from flax fibers and has been around for hundreds of years.

Natural linen fabrics in various colors against a neutral background.

Why Linen Is a Popular Cooling Fabric

The reason for its popularity as a cooling fabric is because it can absorb a huge amount of moisture before it feels wet or damp, far more than cotton, for example.

Linen feels cool to the touch and doesn’t retain heat, plus it resists dirt and stains and has no lint or pilling tendency. It also gets softer the more you wash it, without losing its durability.

So, what’s the catch?

The Drawbacks to Flax Linen

Well, the big drawback for many people is that it’s one of the worst fabrics for wrinkles. But if that doesn’t bother you, it won’t be a problem.

Also, pure flax that is grown and processed sustainably is not going to make for a cheap product. It can be out of reach budget-wise for many people.

Below, is an example of a quality flax linen product.

DAPU French Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set

The DAPU bed sheet set is made from all-natural French flax fabric, which is grown and harvested in an eco-friendly way. Plus, it has Oeko-Tex certification.

These sheets are also stone-washed to increase softness. New linen tends to feel rough. It’s a more expensive product because it’s natural flax linen.

Read Latest Reviews: DAPU Flax Linen Bed Sheets on Amazon

The DAPU flax linen bed sheet set above is actually one of the cheaper examples that we could find. You can pay much more than the cost of this product for top-quality and environmentally friendly linen bedclothes.

Other Fabrics and Technology for Bed Sheets

Along with bamboo and cotton sheets for warm sleepers, some manufacturers have created special technologies to produce cooling bed sheets.

These fabrics can be a combination of bamboo and cotton with other additions, but they are usually synthetic and created with some form of technology.

You’re not likely to find a natural or organic product in this category, but the bonus for using them is that they often perform well for cooling and moisture-wicking.

Below, we’ve highlighted 4 examples of these cooling bed sheet technologies.

1. PeachSkinSheets SMART Fabric Bed Sheets

PeachSkinSheets offers bed sheets made from lightweight poly microfibers that they refer to as SMART fabric. They claim that this fabric performs like workout clothing and has excellent moisture-wicking properties.

This original fabric is also said to be soft and gentle, durable, naturally stain-resistant, wrinkle and pill resistant, and even repels pet hair.

Read Latest Reviews: PeachSkinSheets SMART Fabric Sheets on Amazon

The next example of cooling bed sheets uses Coolmax technology with microfiber.

2. Comfort Spaces Coolmax Cooling Bed Sheets

Comforts Spaces has a set of cooling bed sheets that combines Coolmax technology with microfiber to create a comfortable moisture-wicking product.

This Coolmax technology is the same property used in the Degrees of Comfort cooling weighted blanket that helps people enjoy better sleep and less anxiety.

Read Latest Reviews: Comfort Spaces Coolmax Sheets on Amazon

The next example of a cooling bed sheet set uses another technology called Nanotex.

3. Sleep Zone Nanotex Cooling Bed Sheets

Sleep Zone treats the fabrics with Nanotex technology to produce better moisture-wicking for a comfortable sleep. It’s reported to dry 100% faster than cotton.

The claim is that this blend of microfiber and Nanotex helps to better regulate your body temperature to stay cooler longer.

Read Latest Reviews: Sleep Zone Nanotex Sheets on Amazon

In the next example, the manufacturer uses Tencel lyocell and modal fibers from eucalyptus trees to create a moisture-wicking product.

4. Olive + Crate Tencel Moisture-Wicking Sheets

For their cooling sheet sets, Olive + Crate uses Tencel lyocell and modal fibers from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees to create sheet sets for all temperatures.

Tencel fibers from eucalyptus trees are naturally moisture-wicking and breathable making them a logical choice for hot sleepers.

Read Latest Reviews: Olive + Crate Tencel Bed Sheets on Amazon

The information outlined above on the best cooling fabrics and technologies for bed sheets should help you find a product to support comfortable sleep.

However, if you’re someone who really struggles with hot flashes, night sweats, or restless sleep, you may need to use extra measures similar to sleeping with a weighted blanket in summer.

Check out the suggested products and use whatever extra tips necessary to get quality sleep and rest. It’s vital to your physical and psychological well-being.

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    I’m thinking that Bamboo might be a nice soft choice, too that would be great for night sweats.

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